Rudi Zimmerer

How can somebody predict how long we have left?

The biologist Gary Brecka worked for 20 years in Live insurance companies…

After 20 years of checking all of the data of clients from life insurance…
He proclaims that he can forecast when a person will die!

The cause of death for most people is the Deficiency of certain elements over a long time period of 5-10 years.

For instance:
If there is a lack of oxygen in one organ, this organ will get severely sick.

A Lack of Vitamin D3, for 5-7 years, leads to severe heart damage.
Our body can produce Vitamin D3 through sunlight and cholesterol…
Lack of sun will cause many diseases and 50% of the population have a lack of sunlight!
In the region close to the equator there is no lack of sunlight…

We get our nutrition or elements through our digestion in the gut.
If the gut is not working properly, we will have deficiencies of certain elements or nutrients regardless of our diet.
A healthy gut has also a healthy Peristalsis/movements of the guts…
A healthy movement of the gut requires:

We feel our emotions instead to block them…
Anxiety/stress will stop the peristalsis…
That we do our body exercise and walk a lot!
That we eat proper food that encourages (raw food, fermented vegetables, pro-biotic…) peristalsis.
That we don’t take drugs.
That we are vegan.
That we massage our guts every day… Read/see Chei Nei Tsang/ Inner organ massage by Mantak Chia

We can get even anxiety and stress through our guts when we have a Deficiency of certain elements!

Second that we eat all the nutrition:

Raw vegetables, and fruits because we need enzymes and vitamins.
Super-food for our mineral, – like seaweeds, Moringa, cacao, Spirulina, green salad (for iron/Ferrum), …

In any case, we should check for Deficiencies of certain elements, and supplement the nutrition, minerals, and elements where we have a Deficiency.

If we have too much of one mineral, then we have to reduce that mineral in our bodies.


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