How Dopamine can destroy your life?

We can choose Dopamine to give us pleasure.
But we can lose control and then Dopamine is controlling us.
How do we use Dopamine for Motivation, Creativity, Goal-setting, and Success and avoid healthy options?
What do we need to know about Dopamine?
When does it help us and when does it harm us?
Dopamine is all about making the future better than today…
It gives us energy, motivation, desire and excitement, confidence…
But it can make us also dissatisfied, unhappy, miserable, and constantly chasing what we cannot capture.
What does Dopamine do in a healthy way for us?
Entrepreneurs, they want to build something that never existed before.
You can work 4 times more and Dopamine gives you the power and makes it fun; makes you alive for the things that are not under your control and are in the future.
All competitive sports…
Dopamine shuts off,
What is under our control in the here and now and NOT IN THE FUTURE, and that we can reach.
For instance,
if we do our routine work,
playing with our kids,
be together with our partner/family,
no excitement, nothing new…
that is not supported by Dopamine…
For the religious/spiritual path, Dopamine is always shut off. Because we should enjoy ONLY what is in the here and now!
What does Dopamine in an unhealthy way, that harms us…
For instance, gambling, drugs, social-media addiction, compulsive eating… In these cases, Dopamine is controlling our life.
In evolution, mankind has been always on the brink of starvation/survival and so he had to be always alert to survive. He/she needed Dopamine. This means that we are genetically programmed to be driven by Dopamine or to want more and more….
Sometimes things that we don’t have, give us more joy than the things that we do have.
It is about the anticipation to get a reward.
For instance, if we get that reward, to be invited for dinner, then we can’t often enjoy that meal, because we are not in the here and now when we consume the meal.
The guy who owns that beach house is the only one who cannot enjoy that beach house.
This guy is driving from the Dopamine to earn enough money to afford that beach house and afterward, his Dopamine shut offs.
So he thinks rather more, what comes next to acquire and the here and now is not important for him.
What if we have the drive through Dopamine and also want to enjoy the here and now…
It is very difficult.
Mostly the cases the people who are Dopamine driven don’t want to enjoy the here and now. His/her attitude is:
“To travel hopefully is better than to arrive.”
Dopamine is a drug, that the body is producing.
And the Dopamine driven guys are drug-addicted guys who need excitement…
That is the reason that every spiritual path is ABSOLUTE AGAINST, that we are driven by Dopamine.
We have to control our craving for Dopamine and force us.
The path is the goal!
We should learn how to be conscious of our emotions, thoughts, and breath… Or just repeat the name of God…
If we are in the flow, we are not Dopamine driven. Then we don’t have any goal, so we are in the here and now and we are relaxed and most efficient.
When I write a blog, most of the time I listen to what my mind/super-conscious/subconscious is dictating to me, I just write it down and I don’t know what I will write next…
I don’t care for any outcome!
And I write in a foreign language as a dyslexic…
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