How to become blissfully?

If we push up our energy from our lowest part of our body (sex or root chakra) to our heart/heart chakra, we become blissful!
The sex or root chakra is 5 cm above the vagina inside of the body; the heart chakra is between the breast nipples, or on the sternum 5 to 10 centimeters inside of the body.
All mystical tradition have done so. Still, the techniques are different. We can even gain the Kundalini through these techniques and with the Kundalini the energy is going always upwards.

1.)Shaking method of the whole body … the pelvis is the pivot point. This is the best-known technique from Bhagwan/Osho as Kundalini Meditation. The Qigong uses the shaking of the body to relax.
2.)Dancing like crazy… trance dancing. Let your body dance and don’t interfere with your mind. And then miracles can happen!
3.)Unique rhythms of drums used as a shamanistic technique. The African, Hindu, Tibetan, are famous for their complicated drum rhythms that cause trance trough raising the energy from your lowest chakra upwards, like dancing and shaking. Even working in a fabric that involves doing the same movement again and again at a specific speed can cause that.
4.)Singing of Gospels or religious devotional songs. A good singer always sings from the lowest chakra. And if he/she is singing devotional songs for the Lord, the energy raises upwards.
5.)Different sounds resonate with different parts of the body so the U is in the lowest area of the body and the A sound is in the heart chakra. For instance, the Sufi Dikir: Huh Allah or Sufi breathing. The Chinese created great mantras for this, so you can also heal your body with a combination of different sounds/Chinese Mantras. When we move our pelvis back and forward with the sounds, we create even more energy upward…
6.)Even it looks weird we use this pelvic movement back and forward also in a different area with the same effect. It also works without sex only with deep breathing and sounds (Hu Allah) in the standing position! If you do it correct your body gets a body orgasm.
7.)The Tao Energy pump: We do the Kegel exercise. When breathing in the female contract the vagina and the male pull up the testicles and give some tension to the penis. No pressure on the anus. With the inhale we pull up the energy from the root chakra upward until the crone-chakra (head highest point). We press the tongue on the roof of the mouth and with the exhale we release the tension of the vagina or testicle and push the energy from the crone-chakra downward to the root chakra.
Every baby does this when soaking milk. And if the baby does this secret technique, they are experiencing a very high state of meditation!

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