How to boost our Immune system?

How to boost our Immune system?
Enough sex
Enough exercise
Chi Gong and Yoga
Meditation and prayer
Good healthy environment
Enough rest
Enough sun light
Fresh sprouts
Fresh pressed juice from vegetable and fruits
Raw foods
Fermented vegetables
Vegetables cooked with grains or potatoes
Super foods like raw unprocessed cacao powder, wheat grass, and spirulina powder

What Makes Our Immune System Weak?
Too little exercise
Too much sex
Time spent with bad people
Unhealthy environment where you work and live
Western medicine
Drugs including smoking and coffee
Industrial processed food, because it is dead food without enzymes
Pizza with cheese, over-baked food, twice or more heated up food
White sugar
Pies, Tarts, Cookies, Cakes, junk food

To 5. Too much sex drains the body, and weakens the body. Everybody has to find out for themselves what is too much or too less sex.
To 6. Bad people will pull us down emotionally, and negatively affect our immune system.
To 7. It is proven that when we work in a beautiful healthy place, then we are much more motivated than if we work in a dirty, loud, and unhealthy place. It also affects our immune system. Offices that offer employees a good health environment to work in found out that employee absences due to diseases were reduced by 50%.
To 8. Western medicine is like shooting at a bird with a nuclear bomb. It destroys our good well organized immune system, in an instant with the antibiotics we use to kill bacteria; actually we need the bacteria in our body, only some bacteria are bad.
You will find the following points in the food chapter.

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