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How to Break Social Media Addiction?

I came across this content from Dr. Izzy Sealey
She is an inspiration for good content on YouTube.

Today apps and social media are designed to make us digitally addicted…
I used to be addicted to Computer programming when I was 19 years old, and a student. After some time, everyone lost his addiction to programming…

And it is not so for smartphones…
I don’t know why.
For me, to use programs/apps and social media on smartphones/PC is disgusting, because it is not creative, just a big distraction…

5-Day Social Media Challenge

Day 1: Awareness & Intention

– Start out by taking a look at your screen time via your phone’s settings app, and evaluating where you’re at today.
If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

– Next, throughout this day, actively identify points where you reach for or are distracted by your device, and take stock of the emotion you feel when this occurs. Write down these emotions somewhere either as they come up or at the end of the day.
– Lastly, after these observations, set and write down your intentions for this challenge — keep track of these so you can come back to them. Below are some guiding questions…

*What are my intentions when it comes to reducing my screen time? How would it feel to succeed at spending more time engaging with the real world?

Day 2: Declutter & De-noise

– Begin this day by uninstalling unnecessary apps and removing distracting apps from your home screen.
– Next, go to your phone’s settings and turn off notifications for apps you find frequently distracting you.
– Mindfully unfollow accounts on social media that aren’t beneficial or relevant to you.

What apps do I have that don’t serve my life in a positive way? What apps frequently notify me in a distracting way? What accounts do I follow that either does not matter to me or impact my life in a negative way?

Day 3: Rediscover Life & Mindfulness

– Come up with a healthy replacement that you can turn to instead of social media.
– Think back to day 1 — what were the emotions that caused you to gravitate toward your device? Come up with an activity that might address these emotions in a more positive way.
– It may be a good idea to leave your phone or device out of this activity entirely.
– Meditation is my favorite way of cultivating mindfulness and addressing my emotions in a positive way.
– Try out wearable prompting: simply put a ring or bracelet on, which reminds you to take a moment to reconnect with the present moment when you look at it.

Notice your weight pressing into the ground beneath you. Relax your shoulders, face, and belly, and settle into your body and breathe. Inhale deeply into your belly over 4 seconds, hold at the top for 2 seconds, then exhale softly over 4 seconds.

Day 4: Reduce Temptation

– Switch your phone into grayscale mode in order to make your device less interesting to look at. This simple trick can really help reduce temptation.
– Create a “rest nest” for your phone by tucking it away somewhere away from your desk, allowing you to get work done more easily without its presence.
– Make the nest cute! The important part is the ritual — making a big deal out of putting your phone away makes it clear that you won’t use it soon.
– Identify a no-phone-zone— this can be your bed, desk — or wherever you want to avoid using your phone.
– Put a hair band or a rubber band on your phone screen so that when you reach for your phone, you have to remove the obstacle before you can use it.

Where do I use my phone the most? Where can I put my rest nest for the highest chance of success? What emotions come up when I have to remove an obstacle (rubber bands, grayscale mode) before using my device?

Day 5: Resolutions, Detox & Commitment

– Congratulations! You’ve made it to day 5. **Revisit your journal entries from day 1**. Reflect on how the challenge has gone for you.
– Moving forward, identify detox days or times when you make a commitment to yourself to go without a phone for that period.
– Make a commitment (mark in your calendar and set a reminder) to check in on your social media usage each week and continuously evaluate where you are in achieving your goals!

What went well during these 5 days? What could I have done better? What times make the most sense for me to go without my phone? How can I set realistic and beneficial long-term goals moving into the future?

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