How to build up easier confidence?

Just to serve the people by helping to solve the problem…
Our Ego trips to show how smart we are, that we are better, to show disrespect, and push people down in discussion will definitively encourage other people to do the same with us.

We honestly tell what are our problems.
We ask for true feedback from others to become better. Because we are blind to our own mistakes or that we take them too personally instead to be neutral.

Why do we try to avoid conflicts and confrontations?
It causes long-term regrets, resentments, and anger.

People don’t have confidence because of fear…
To fail
To be wrong
To look stupid
To be different
Not to fit into the society
How to be labeled
To speak openly in public about their opinion.

Even worse, 90% of the people would not help in an accident, because of a lack of confidence!.. Let the accident victim die because they are afraid to make a mistake!

At the age of 18-25 years, we do have less confidence than later… Because the brain is not fully developed and we have a lack of experience and knowledge.

What are the 3 things that hold us back?
Doubts/success, judgments, or other people’s opinions.

If we join a debate or discussion, we should discriminate.


1. Do we need a certain outcome or can we be neutral regardless of what others are saying?
Or we like to investigate if the other person is lying or cheating. In this case, we motivate the other person to tell what he/she wants to tell, without any interruption. And we ask questions without manipulating or offending the other person.

2. Do we have a conflict that should be openly discussed? From the beginning, we are honest and ask for the opinions of the people… We admit our mistakes,… nobody is perfect… We try our best to be constructive, and tolerant of different opinions…

3. We have to confront other people with our opinion to get the problem most effectively solved… In this case, we try our best not to hurt the other person or people and try to make it easy for the other person without compromising to say what we think.

The easiest way to communicate is to text…

But you should never text anything that you are afraid to say personally, we call that false bravery…


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