How to change your brain to get what you want?

Neuroplasticity describes that everybody to every moment in his life can change his brain…
With Neuroplasticity it is possible to make old people younger, if the old people imagine and believe that they are younger, their body/brain becomes younger… That is scientifically proven.

Imagine when we are in a survival or death-threatening situation our brain has often to change to survive to find a new solution and that is true for everybody.
In our hard times, we are using our resilience and Neuroplasticity to get what we need.
Or we “get reborn” with new chances!

The worst times are the best times in our life! Because we can change and grow.

The next thing is the gratitude that helps us to remain positive and deletes our resistance to becoming better, to get the things that we want.

What are you grateful for?
Write down your abilities, like being creative, and what you have manifested already.
And if we are aware and thankful for our abilities, we know that we have the tools to go through all problems in our life…

How can we use Neuroplasticity in our worst times to overcome that time, even if the outcome is hard to accept.

Visualizing can help a lot.

Imagine you are in a hospital and your entire body is paralyzed, even you can’t see anymore… no chance of recovering…
This happened to me…

What did I?
I thanked God for my life and repeated that again and again. Then I remembered an episode of the movie “The Secret”, a guy was totally paralyzed by an accident, no chances, but he believed and visualized going out of the hospital 8 months later on Christmas and so he did.

As a highly spiritual person, I believed I can do it even better and left the hospital on my own feet 6 hours later…
Still, I had to go through many medical tests, and the chances of remaining brain damage were very high, – it was a nightmare. –
My eyesight was after 1 year fully intact, with no blurry eyesight anymore…

We come back …

How to manifest?
Everything that is here mentioned is scientifically proven.
We need our full emotions to manifest anything.
Visualizing is not enough! Emotions are the power to manifest.

Our intuition or gut feelings give us the best moment and the correct signal to do something.
The problem is that we have to train our intuition, otherwise we don’t know what are random thoughts or intuition.

Do a /vision/ Action board, what you want to accomplish and which action you have to do.
If your brain has seen something or experimented with mental rehearsal, then it’s easier to believe in it.
So it is less threatening.
Uncertainty or anything new is the most threatening thing to our brain.

How to create a vision board for our well-being?
That we acknowledge the small things in our lives to be thankful.

Why is mental rehearsal (first, imagine how to do a specific task exactly and then implement it practically) so powerful?
Because then it is easier to do for your brain and even you can actually train muscles with mental rehearsal, like weight lifting.
With mental rehearsal alone, it is possible to increase our muscles to 15%.

If you want to do something new, remember that maybe you have faced similar challenges, so that you can tell your brain it is not too difficult to do again…
Or find someone who had done it before, so that you imagine that you do it also.

Face Your negative self-talk,…
And find the reasons/ cause for the negative thoughts…
Make a fear list, and a worst-case list, and afterward the doubts are done

We have to frame it, that our new task is important, and fun or to find the Why for that…



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