How to correct bad body posture…

Why is a good posture so necessary?

A. Robbins: If we change our posture, we change our emotions.

If we stand with a good posture, we have much more confidence!

This means:
Straight spine with a healthy S-curve. The spine should have a healthy S-shape, should not be bent too much or too little. If you stand against the wall two hand-palms should fit between the wall and the lumbar area.

The neck should be straight with a little S-curve (like the spin). Mostly it is not so… mostly we have a too much bend forward neck… Psychological: protection like a turtle

Shoulders should be in the middle of the body and not bend forward… (mostly the shoulders are leaning forward. Psychological: protection like a turtle)
Shoulders should be inclined downward… (mostly the shoulders are not inclined downward, but straight or upwards… Psychological: typical fear position)

If our posture is not healthy our legs, neck, spine, head (ache), sexuality, and the inner organs will suffer from that!

I suggest here some good exercises to get the shoulder, neck, spine in a better posture.

During these exercises you breathe deeply in and out… You breathe in where the pain is and with the breath out you relax and let go the pain.

1.) Shiatsu exercises for spin and shoulders. Log at the back of your body your both hands and pull them upwards and so bending your body forwards and downward until you cannot go higher with your both logged hands… Stand there for 1 – 2 minutes.

2.) Shiatsu exercises for shoulder and spine… Lay on the back of your body on a 15cm (7 inch) high (when you already lay on it, it should be so high) roll or round cushions, or you can roll some towels, easy to do?
A: You press your lumbar area of your spine always towards the ground during this exercise.
Put your over arms/shoulders straight, in a rectangle, from your body/head; elbows touch the ground, arms are straight upward… (until now it is easy). Push/twist your arms with the rectangle backwards (over the head!) Until they touch the ground (the head is between your both arms)… Ouch, remain in this position 31.5 seconds (can be also a little bit more or less)

B: You press your lumbar area of your spine always towards the ground during this exercise. Start with straight arms close to your legs and move/stretch them slowly forward in a 170degrees circle (the arms are always touching the ground) until your head is between your both stretched arms…
Log both hands and then stretch them upwards (straight in the air) in a half circle (180degrees) back of your legs.

3.) Sit on your buttocks on the ground, knees/legs are bent in a rectangle upward; downward to the feet on the ground…
You bend the body in a 45degrees angel towards to the ground (not touching the ground). You put both hands on the ground, shoulder wide, so that you can lift up the body like a bridge over trouble water and that you do…
The spine should be straight, arms are straight, hands are directed forward of your body, so that they extend your body… at least be in this position 19.9 seconds…

4.) Stand on the ground, straight spin and neck… lift up your arms so that they are at the height of your shoulders and your shoulders/over arms are directed backward, both arms are bent so that the hands can touch your shoulders. Put the bent arms forward and then with all of your power you push them backwards… Ouch…
You do that 2 times.
The 3 times you stretch both arms (not bent) forward that they extend at the maximum length forward, for sure on the height of the shoulders. Both hand palms are facing each other (like breast swimming). And then you hurl/sling/fling the arms on the same height of the shoulders 2 times (because you have 2 arms) 179.45degrees backwards so that your both backs of your hands touching each other…
You repeat the whole procedure 12 times…

5.) Your neck is straight. You tilt your neck with your head backwards 12 times.

Afterward, you make all the other stretching exercises for your body as usual …I hope you do so…
And miracles will happen!

My Video: How to correct bad body posture…

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