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How to create peace in your mind with money?

The American and European people are very identified with money, their own personal value/ EGO depends on the money they have and earn. That creates big tension inside when something with their money is not doing well.
And so peace with money will rarely happen.

In Japan is money not so connected with their own personal level as in Europe…
Other things, like if they have fun working, being successful is more important than money…

In the USA people think rather more, about how much money they make is how much they worth are… No money then you are nothing.
So the more money you have so more you get respected…

Abundances in the USA are always connected with money.

In Japan, they discriminate between visual abundance and invisible abundance.
And the invisible abundance is more important.

If your hobby is more important for you than creating money, then you become in the USA a loser, and in Japan, you enjoy your life…

Are you focusing more on invisible assets with peace of mind as the highest asset…?
Do you trade your peace of mind for money?

Is it possible to create peace of mind by creating profitable sources of money?

Yes, that is possible and even easier…

All of our pressure is coming from making big money so that we are at the end rich…

Can you give up the idea of becoming rich?

You have to let go of this fanatic idea to become rich!

If you want to learn about making more money you have to forget money…
When you are obsessed with money making you create just only tension.

Instead of money what is the most important thing in life?

That can be your family, your hobby…
You should go for that…

I can teach you many things to invite money when you have found your most important thing in life and that you do.

There are 2 kinds of life…
1. You follow your heart or what you enjoy.
2. Or the life that you cannot enjoy.

Most people chose not to enjoy life in order to make money or enough money.
And then they think if I have made enough money I can retire instead to do the things that they enjoy.

You are lucky if you can make enough money and retire…

So you lose a lot of motivation/energy on the path of making money.

You lose your happiness and most people do make not enough money!
You sacrifice your happiness, health, and peace of mind for money!

How can you change your attitude?
Because you think about efficiency, cut your costs.

Even if you make a lot of money outside, coming home and thinking of efficiency, cutting costs, losing time with the family, kids… All the time spending time with kids is wasteful.-

Then it is better to hire somebody who entertains your kids…

How much do you like to outsource?
So you lose all the fun.
We should forget about money initially.

We should think about how to spend our time to have more fun, that we enjoy more, and that brings us the most fulfillment, peace of mind, and love.
Instead to be obsessed with money.

Remove the obsession and focus to enjoy life!

When we are coming from a place of enjoyment, does the money come easier to us….
It depends…
If we do volunteer work… money may not follow…

(Do what you love and make sure that money follows you, by Ken Honda)

If you do what you love, you become happier and you have less stress and you will be more attractive as a person.
And that person has a better chance to make money if he chose to.

Making money is just only one of the 14 areas in your life…

For instance:
Sense of contribution.
The sense of being connected with nature.

If you only focus on 2 areas in your life you cannot see the other 12 areas…
What happens if you do focus only on 2 areas in your life and miss out on the other 12 areas…
Then you become a very boring business machine.

Why we do attract things that we don’t want?

First, We have to heal ourselves to attract what we want.

Second, People don’t know what they want to attract to become happy.
These people are complaining about what they attract, at the same time they are depressed and have given up already.

Money comes to you when you are ready. Even if we think we are ready to make money…

How do we heal our minds or shift our minds/perspectives/relationships to be ready for the money?

Better, for what do you need the money for?
Unless you are clear about what you want to do, You never will be ready…

What do you want to do with the money?
If you don’t know, you don’t need it.

If you think you need the money to feel secure, do you think 1 Mill is enough?
Please 3 Mill….

Money comes after what you give out to the world.
This is one kind of reward that you give out to society.

If you find something that will change people.
If you can give something to the world that people love.

You don’t need confidence or a college degree.
All you need is curiosity.
What if I would have 1Mill what would I do?
If you would be so excited to spend your 1 Mill, money will follow!

In any case, the first 1 Mill will be spent on something stupid, will be lost in any case…

Before you want 1 Mill in your pocket:
Find out what you want.;
Do you want this as a success, but you can end up being a loser?

Do you want to be a happy person or a wealthy person?
You can take both, but the way to a wealthy person has only the option to become first happy and then if you are happy then you can earn the money.

There are many lies that money will follow, but still, enjoy life and stay happy.
Because if you go for money, you can lose easily everything, including your happiness/ peace of mind.

For people who like first become wealthy will be good at business and money in the short term.

The people who love their job and business will succeed in the long term.

Is it possible to achieve financial freedom for everybody and stay happy or depends this on your destiny or luck?

Theoretically, yes, but many people are not interested in money so much.

You have to figure out what is most important right now, otherwise, your life is filled with preparation, for success and business.


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