How to deal with regret

We try to see in everything the good and the bad because everything has two pols. In my worst experience, I have learned the most.

1.) If we have lost somebody, we regret what we didn’t have done.
2.) We had an accident and we hurt somebody worse…
3.) If we have done the wrong thing we regret and crying desperately.

The worst is, we can’t repair what we have done wrong.

1.) When we are engaged in many relationships then we can’t serve everybody well. Also, we need time for ourselves, for our family, mission, sport, God, meditation,… We need to prioritize our time for our relationships, otherwise, we will fail.
I was quite often confronted with suicide and helped as much as possible even I didn’t have a good relationship or any relationship with that person. I was furious that even the closest friends didn’t care for that person!
After a suicide or death of a loved one, the tragic is huge… Anger, sadness is facing up and the regret will last long. What to do?
To hold on our pain and to punish us will help nobody. To feel our pain, sadness, and regrets for a certain time like a week or 2 weeks is the best. Forgive yourself. And then do good, help other people to overcome their calamities and never judge again negative people!!!! Never say or think the best is to get rid of negative people, because it shows how less compassion you have. Become a better person, through that you will profit from your loss.

2.) We had that accident. Even I try my best, I never can be always aware of 100% what I do. We can not be our best every moment! This means an accident can’t be avoided! When I make a mistake, I say thank you that nothing worse has happened. I try to become better. This helps a lot!
When the accident has happened we try to adjust the situation as good as possible. And deal with our feelings described before and look that we help other people!

3.) Forgive yourself. You will get your next chance only when you have felt all of your negative feelings about your failing. Learn from that experience, so that you will profit from it. Be thankful that you are still alive and that you will get your next chance.

How can we avoid to have regrets?

Do your best everywhere and every time, then you never feel much regrets. And even people think that I am a lousy perfectionist … I don’t like to feel regrets for my lousy doing… In the end, life is easier if we do our best! Don’t be lazy or stingy or to be coward!!!

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