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How to get motivated again?

– After this pandemic and in this economic crisis…?

First, go to your not-to-do-list, TV, YouTube, and social media…
Apply the list.

If you feel a little bit aimless and hopeless, this can drive your motivation negatively to waste time on social media.
We call that languishing.

We feel:
Stagnation of the world or of us.
Lack of excitement.

When we are involved in bedtime procrastination by looking at movies too late in the night from the bed.

If we make up a show that we are highly motivated…
That is toxic optimism to show that you are motivated.
In any case, self-denial makes everything worse.


1. The research shows, that at the beginning of the pandemic optimism was not the best, but in the flow or being in the zone was the best strategy to counteract languishing.

In the flow/zone means, that we are in total absorption in an activity…

For to be “in the flow/zone” we need to master a skill and mindfulness.

Mastering means a sense of progress and small wins.
Mindfulness means full attention to a single task.

2. The average person changes every 10 minutes a task…
This is called time confetti and ruins our entire productivity, and personality…
We need to work on one task without any interruption for 45 minutes – 2 hours, to become effective and productive.

3. What makes your work matter, or how can you give your work meaning?
If you know that you make a difference to other people that matters to you.

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