How to have an amazing first date?

Only when all of our emotional wounds from previous relationships are healed, then we can have an amazing first date…

Otherwise, we are still in a state of suffering and not entirely open to a new relationship.

1. Don’t do anything with that person that somebody has done to yourself, that you didn’t like.

2. We have the tendency to trust new people and don’t to question them.
And that makes us vulnerable to cheating, …
Hold back, be more reserved, check…
Even we think that this guy in front of us is amazing,
we can connect easily,
we have fun,
we must get this guy…
Don’t give unconditionally trust, instead conditionally trust.

If we find each other, there must be similarities and polarities.
Makes sense?

If the person is equal to us, it is boring…
There must be something exciting and something that we don’t like…
We just watch, and absorb what the person is communicating without judging…

If you ask, listen to how the person is saying something, and absorb his or her body language and tonalities…

Try to watch his/her entire body when you are communicating, no table in between you and him/her.

Be authentic, don’t make a show…
Otherwise, no real connection with another person is possible.

And then spontaneously can something happen, that is amazing, that is out of the script, that is funny…

Eye contact is huge, you want to convey to trust you, talk with me…

Ask more indirect questions to experience that person.

So, the other person feels to be in control and feels comfortable saying what he/she wants…

And don’t judge!!!!!
Because then the other person feels that and feels uncomfortable!!!!

For instance, you think that this is, hostile to women, macho, sexual, vulgar, not appropriate…

Guess, in this case, you failed, and you never will get a second chance…
The other guy will leave you alone because he can’t be as he is, or he will be provocative to you, to have his fun to make you angry!

What are the questions to ask on the first date?

Tell me about yourself, your activities…
Why you have started this…
Explain how you got into this…
Describe to me, for what people are your activities.

Tell me:
From your growing headaches, problems with that activity.
Amazing things that you have learned
Tell me about your favorite things.
Your values.
Your beliefs.
What excites you?
Explain to me your dreams, and your hopes.

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