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How to heal an overactive Bladder and enlarged prostate?

60% of males over 60 years and
90% of the males over 85 years have an enlarged prostate.

Symptoms of an overactive Bladder and enlarged prostate may include:

Dribbling at the end of urinating
Inability to urinate (urinary retention)
Incomplete emptying of your bladder
Needing to urinate 2 or more times per night
Pain with urination or bloody urine (these may indicate infection)
Slowed or delayed start of the urinary stream
Straining to urinate
Strong and sudden urge to urinate
Weak urine stream


All the symptoms are fear/stress-related and an inability to let go.
This is the reason, why half of all men with an enlarged prostate are not getting these symptoms.

What will heal the enlarged prostate?

A. Best supplements/food for healing/prevention of an enlarged prostrate are:
Pumpkin oil, Saw Palmetto and Macca (enhance sexuality)
Take them 2 times daily in the morning and night with the food.
I prefer to eat 30g of ground pumpkin seeds/per day instead to supplement it.

For women/men, with an overactive Bladder, do the described yoga and the Acupressure below.

B. Yoga for prostate/overactive Bladder including Kegel exercise, you have to do both.

C. Acupressure for overactive Bladder

D. Massage of the prostate with a Prostate massager …

B. Yoga Asanas and Kegel exercise, that relaxes your prostate/bladder and you can sleep without going to the toilet.

We want to relax/stretch the muscles between our legs, inside the prostate/bladder that control the urine flow…
If we can relax them, then mostly our problem with urination is solved.
It doesn’t matter how perfectly you can do this exercise… stretching is good enough….

I did one time in the morning, the Yoga for prostate, and the following night I didn’t have to go 3-5 times during the night to the toilet,…
And then I combined it with Acupressure on the foot reflex zones and Acupuncture points on the body for an overactive Bladder.
Guess, I do them every day and I can sleep the entire night.
When I have problems letting go or anxiety in some areas of life, I don’t get that result.

1. Asana
Sit with your buttock on the ground, put both foot soles together, and position them close to your sex organ…. Swing them up and down and then keep them relaxed in this position for at least 30s to 120s.

2. Asana
Squat and sit on your heel, keep your knees apart as much as possible

3. Asana:
Lay on the back, put both foot soles together, and bring them close to your sex organ.
Swing them up and down for 10 seconds and then keep them relaxed in this position for at least 30s to 120s.

4. Asana
Lay on your back, the left leg straight on the ground.
The right leg: bend the knee and pull the knee with your hand close to your breast… Rotate the right foot to the left and right direction for 10s (the rotation will relax your legs).
Keep the tension for 30s to 120s.
Then you change, keep the right leg on the ground and bend the left leg…

5. Asana
Lay on your back, pull both knees with your hands down to your breast, and keep the tension for 30s to 120s.

6. Asana
Lay on your back, put both foot soles together, and pull the foot soles with your hands toward your head so that your knees are spreading more outside for 30s to 120s.

7. Kegel exercises
You pull up your testicles or squeeze your vagina and tighten your anus… do this exercise at least every day 100 times…
Then you massage the perineum, it is located where the vagina is, between your scrotum and anus. There is a cave and you go deep inside with two fingers and massage it in a circular motion.

C. Acupressure points:
1. Lay on the back and do Asana 3… to save time…
Acupressure point CV3: 5 fingers below your belly button press and massage with good pressure until it hurts, keep this pressure for 1 minute…
Asana 3 and CV3 are done.

Massage the Acupuncture points BL(UB)-31,32, 33.

All of the Acupuncture points are on the sacral area.
The sacral is below the lumbar spine and above the tailbone.
We have 2 rows of 4 holes in the sacral area and press the first 3 holes of both rows with your fingertips or knuckles of your both hands…
Press until it hurts keep this pressure for up to one minute and then go to the next points.
If you don’t have the power, then lean your back against a wall and put between your back and the wall your hands…
Asana 1 and Acupressure points BL(UB)-31,32, 33 are done.

Sit in Asana 1 and massage the foot reflex zones on both feet at the same time.
We massage the Kidney point, the Urethra and the bladder foot reflex zones with a firm pressure until it hurts, keep that pressure for 3 minutes altogether.

C. You buy a good electrical Prostate massager, then you do some of the Yoga Asanas and slowly you put the prostate massager in your anus so that it touches the prostrate…
Before you put some oil on the prostrate massager… then you can choose the vibration and it is even possible that you can get through such a device an orgasm.

The top 7 worst foods for prostrate and for your health

1. Sugary foods and refined carbohydrates
Candies, cookies, Pies, soft drinks, white rice, and white flour…

2. Fries
All fried food

3. Inflammatory foods, including excess saturated fat and every plant-based oil.
All processed food, meat, fish… margarine…

4. Dairy including eggs
All dairy products, except yogurt

5. Calcium supplements
We have already too much calcium in our blood, but not enough in our bones…
Take Vitamin K2, or eat Natto or Tempeh…

6. Spicy meals and excess salt.

7. Alcohol, caffeine, sodium, smoking, drugs …

With a poor Diet, our body is producing too much insulin and DHT that produce an enlarged prostate, prostate inflammation, baldness…
We have to stick to a healthy diet, do a lot of exercises and not consume the things described before.

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