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How To HEAL Your Body & Mind?

New studies prove that the mind can heal the brain even in severe brain injuries.
The brain is not the mind, the brain is just like a computer and the mind is the programs that are running on the computer.
The Mind is emotions, thoughts, and the ability to choose.
If we have a negative mindset then that will affect our health and even influence negatively through the electric, and magnetic fields of the brain and our surroundings…
What is first the emotion or thought through an event?
If we get a touch, we simultaneously feel that touch and interpret this touch through our thoughts and choose…
The brain changes always and so does the mind, they are not fixed.
Through brain surgery and brain injuries, comas…
It was proved 8 hours of coma the brain damage should be not reversible.
And that is not true…
Neuroplasticity is beyond our understanding and can rebuild the brain or other parts of the brain can be used that are still alive…
Even after severe brain damage, the mind can repair the brain and can even function much better….
This means we have to manage our minds to be able to do the healing. If we fail to heal the brain, we go down the road…
Qigong developed techniques to heal the brain after brain injuries happened through fighting… And the Shaolin monks can prove that, and we can grow the brain by doing special techniques of Qigong. I do also these Qigong techniques.
You can’t control your circumstances, but you can choose how to respond in a healthy way to unexpected situations.
You can manage the mind and how to respond.
Greatness comes from how we manage our minds!
If we make peace with our environment or are at peace with our minds, we manage our minds well.
And for that is meditation. True mediation is to accept every thought and emotion!!!!
How do we learn to manage our minds in a more positive way when facing the chaos, stress, and traumas of life around us?
Everybody can learn that, so sooner so better.
We have to learn to accept grief, anxiety, anger, despair…
These are normal responses and are very helpful messages and warnings, so that we can understand ourselves better and what is going on!
Tony Robbins teaches that too!
Because emotions have a cause and a reason!
These emotions are not illnesses or brain diseases.
Don’t take mind drugs.
If we don’t deal with our problems, our negative thought patterns, emotions, and diseases then they become worse…
Actually, we do have negative mind patterns for our emotions, thoughts, responses, choices, and diseases. And these patterns keep us in a negative environment, shorten our life span…
Within a 9-week mind training with the scientist Carolina Leaf she could change the very negative mind pattern.
After 9 weeks, all patients had a healthy mind pattern and the people changed their behavior, the relationships got better and also, and they got back their health.
Book: Your mental Mess by Carolina Leaf
We all got some training to manage our minds…
Honestly, ask yourself:
Are you healthy?
Do you have a problem dealing with your emotions/thoughts/Choices?
As a therapist, I know that over 90% of the population is anxious about their own emotions and other peoples’ emotions!
Suppressing of negative emotions, drives our immune system crazy and makes us ill! At least 95% of people choose to suppress their negative emotions and prefer to go to the doctor, instead to accept their own emotions!
The Americans/Australians/British interpret negative emotions as a brain disease and as bad!
Good for the doctors, because the suppression of negative emotions is causing cancer and heart diseases…
The negative emotions are survival responses, warnings, and alerts that something is wrong!
We should pay attention to our negative emotions!
We don’t need those drugs (lower cortisol level…) or quick fix from positive thinking to suppress our negative emotions.
We need to accept our emotions to get our health back!
After many studies, people die from mismanaging despair that leads to preventable life-threatening diseases.
Up to 25 years reduced life span through brain/mind drugs.
What we should do when we go into that life threatening trauma…
Ask me!
Nearly one year ago I was in that mess,
I awoke up in the night, lying on the floor in the bathroom, I don’t know why! My heart was starting to beat like crazy which could have caused a Cardio arrest. I had to calm down immediately, otherwise, I would be dead…
We have to calm down without suppressing our emotions…
We are saying yes to our emotions and using methods to calm down…
I know exactly which acupuncture points I have to press…
I know if I turn to God, I calm down.
I repeat: Thank you God for that mess/…!
When I have made a mistake when driving a car. I say thank you, God, that I don’t have an accident, instead to beat me up.
That is training that works.
Here is the scientifically proven strategy, also T. Robbins uses/teaches this strategy!
We have to shift our perception…
We shift our focus to our wisdom, to get our plane/mind on the ground.
1. Awareness of your emotions
You give permission (mindfulness) to feel your emotions as they are.
Step by step,
For instance, you feel:
First your anxiety.
Then your anger.
Your despair.
You organize your emotions and accept them.
2. What is your physical response?
Heart pondering,
Adrenaline is going up…
3. Then you manage your behavior response.
One year ago, I have chosen not to phone to ask for help, because it would have driven my heart crazy to a Cardio arrest…
Calm down was my choice.
4. What is doomed, what is your worst outcome?
Make a list, prioritize the worst scenario, and then the second worst…
After you have done all the other steps your brain can work normal!
Otherwise, your brain is blocked and you can’t get the solution.
5. You reflect on that situation…
What was the cause?
In my case, it was the wrong treatment of my dentist and a very stressful situation that caused severe sinus inflammation, and just touching the sinus knocked me down.
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