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How to Heal Your Emotional Trauma & Past Wounds?


We all hear through Social Media about transformation/enlightenment, awakening, self-healing, and letting go of our traumas, in an easy and fast way. … It is not true!
If you don’t heal your traumas and emotional wounds inside of you, then your life will be negatively influenced by them…

For example, you got bitten/attacked by a dog or a snake when you were a kid…
When you have grown up, you still carry that fear of a dog or a snake inside of yourself…
Because of that fear, you will attract again and again to traumatic situations with a dog or snake…

A friend had a snake phobia and she was attracting everywhere in Asia poison snakes. Her boyfriend told me it was just magical, – he just left the room, and a cobra was showing up when he was not there.
We healed that trauma with EFT and she never had attracted afterward any snake for the last 10 years!

The 5 phases of self Healing:

Phase 1 Time travel
Phase 2 Self-awareness
Phase 3 Identification
Phase 4 Forgiveness
Phase 5 Turning into wisdom

Phase 1. You travel back in time when you got that trauma or emotional wound to feel that pain… Otherwise, your trauma will influence your entire life negatively.
You have to feel that pain to get rid of it… You can do this with hypnosis, EFT…

Phase 2. Self-awareness…
People always say that they have an awareness of what they are.
For sure they never make any mistakes; they are always correct and the other must be wrong if they have conflicting attitudes…
And that proves to 100% that people don’t have awareness!

Self-awareness is a path for our entire life, nobody can say that he/she is aware of what is happening!
We all live in an imaginary world that is not true or never exists!
I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.

Level of self-awareness:

Level 1: You are slightly aware.
Level 2: You are aware, but not deep enough to see the details.
Level 3: You are aware of each detail that associated with that emotion.

Phase 3. Identification or identifying all of our emotions connected with that trauma.

If we have a trauma then we have to deal with every emotion that is connected with this trauma otherwise we can’t heal that trauma…

For instance EFT, first we try to identify all different emotions connected with that trauma or problem and doing then the EFT for all of them…

For instance, you have a problem approaching an unknown woman that you like or love…
Which emotions held you back?

Fear of rejection.
Fear that you are not good enough, because…
Fear that you get hurt.
Fear to love somebody and surrender your love to that person.
Fear that you don’t know what to say to hook her.
Fear that you fail…
Fear that you are not relaxed and funny…

Phase 4 forgiveness

If you can’t forgive you can’t let go of the past…
This means you carry hate, revenge, sadness, and anger inside of yourself that hinders you to enjoy your life.
If you can’t forgive that snake/dog/person/situation, that attacked you…
You can’t heal that trauma.
Can you show me any person in this world who doesn’t got emotionally hurt?

Phase 5 Turn into wisdom.

Changing your perspective.
If you have the right attitude you can learn from everybody, including your enemies.
Build your enemy a throne (Sufi wisdom) because you can learn from them at most!
There is no life without suffering and even worse:
The vessel of joy is made out of suffering. Sri Aurobindo
We have to embrace the esoteric laws like the law of polarity…
Everything has two poles and both poles have the same size!
Where is light, there is shadow…

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