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How to kill every virus, bacteria, and parasite in our blood, without side effects?

Dr. Bob Beck wanted to help humanity in his last living years, and did his research and discovered that a microcurrent can kill every bacteria, mold, fungus, and parasite in our blood.

In 1993, two Medicine doctors patented, a device that was implanted in the body that could kill every bacteria, virus, and parasite in our blood.
The device was developed at the Albert Einstein College by Dr. Kaali/Lyman blood cleansing technology, Patent Number 5,188,738 23.2.1993.

Dr. Beck designed a micro pulser that could be worn on the wrist and did exactly what was mentioned before. Instead to implant that device he designed an external micro-current pulser with 2 Electrodes that were fixed on the wrist with a bandage…
His device is an amazing blood cleanser …

During this time we had the panic of AIDS Infection and Dr. Bob Beck had healed already 500 AIDS infections successfully with his micro current pulser.
The Pharmaceutical industry and medicine doctors were running Amok to prevent Dr. Beck Pulser for healing AIDS because they could lose huge business with AIDS.
They tried to prosecute Dr. Beck and to hide his device from the public…

Dr. Beck, knew that his time was running out, so he published all of his medical research for free:
The electronic plan of his device.
His recommendation of Colloidal Silver (that was published already during WWI).
Magnetic pulser.
And Ozone water.

Dr. Bob Beck micro current pulser:

Reduce pathogens and parasites – gentle micro currents of electricity appear to disarm bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens in the blood…leading the way to health and vitality.

2. Increase energy – adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a key factor in energy at the cellular level. Electricity boosts ATP levels, which, in turn, increases cellular energy.

3. Strengthen the body’s immune system – gentle micro currents of electricity support the body’s electrical systems, strengthening the immune system and accelerating the healing process.

Guess I have all of his devices.
I have built by myself the micro-current pulser, and applied it.
The micro-current pulser can produce also Colloidal silver. I use colloidal silver as a replacement for antibiotics and…
Ozone generator for water/aquarium
The Magnetic Pulser from Sota.
CES device for relaxation, – BT-7 Brain tuner

After 25 years there is still no proof that his devices or recommendation had any negative side effects… !

The micro pulser is perfect for blood purification, or blood detox from harmful organisms.

Still, it can only purify the blood, and often this is not enough…
When we do have an infection then also our lymph system is infected, for this, we should use the magnetic pulser… In this case, I recommend using Colloidal silver, it is so much easier!

Is the magnetic pulser strong enough to heal inflammations inside of a bone cave?
Then we should use his micro pulser combined with his magnetic pulser. Both devices you can buy from Sota.
The magnetic pulser is not effective enough to heal, sinus inflammation, root-tooth inflammation…
Sinus inflammation, and root-tooth inflammation, I heal with the colloidal silver alone!

If we want to cure for instance bronchitis, or the common cold, we can use his micro pulser to kill the virus in the blood, 20 to 40 minutes of use of his micro pulser is enough. And for the bacteria in the lungs, we use a nebulizer with colloidal silver… I describe later in the Blog: Alternative healing of bronchitis/cold!

How to use his micro current pulser?

First, wash your wrist with soap and water.

We should drink one glass (ozone) water before and after we have applied the micro pulser.
This helps the kidneys to detox our killed parasites.

1 glass of water before and 1 glass after application.
4 additional glasses of ozone water during the day…

We use 2 different electrodes packed in cotton sleeves, which we have dipped in salt water.

Saltwater with sea salt, 1/8 teaspoon on 2 ounces of water, and some drops of colloidal silver.

Then we put the Electrodes under a wristband… See my image…

The electrodes should be 2.8 cm long and 0.375 cm wide…
Every 20 -30 mins should the cotton sleeves be made wet with salt water. Normally I don’t do so, because I wear a large wristband that prevents the salt water of the electrodes to evaporate.

Adjust the micro-current with a potentiometer… We should feel the micro-current, it should be uncomfortable, but not too much.

We should apply our micro pulser for:

Week 1 – 20-40 minutes/day
Week 2 – 40-60 minutes/day
Week 3 – 60-80 minutes/day
Week 4 – 80-100 minutes/day
Week 5 – 100- 120 minutes/day
Week 6 120 minutes/day

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