How to kill every virus, bacteria…?

without using any medicaments…?


We can kill with Microamperes (0.1mA) every parasites, virus, and bacteria… in the blood…
And this works even with Aids…

Since nearly a hundred years many Scientists like Rife, Dr. Bob Becker, Clark, and many German Scientists have proofed that micro amperes kill every virus…

He was using only 50 to 100 microamperes, 50 millionths of an ampere were all it needed, and it later turned out to neutralize or eliminate every parasite, every fungus, every germ, every bacteria, every virus in the blood [in the laboratory]. And it had no side effects, no bad effect on the blood cells. We know what’s happening now … my doctorate was in physics, a D.Sc. But here was probably the most important thing I’d seen in my lifetime, so I developed units.- Dr. Bob Beck Protocol. See link at the end.

If we apply and I have done so, for 2 hours every day for 6 weeks this microampere on the pulse of our hand

1.) the parasites, Virus, bacteria get killed in our blood….
2.) our body get detoxed
3.) accelerates overall healing…

Dr. Bob Becker designed a Zapper that creates these microamperes and even can produce Colloidal Silver (that also kills unhealthy bacteria), and he has given for free his design of this device… I have also built his Zapper… (you can get it from Sota, link at the end).

Never the less, still in our Lymph system and in our bone caves are the parasites…
And for that, we use an Electro Magnetic Pulser that I own too (bought it from Sota)…

Still, if we kill all of our bacteria we also kill our healthy bacteria…
What to do??????

Eat probiotic as fermented vegetables 3 times a day when you use this Zapper or Electro Magnetic Pulser… That is crucial; otherwise your immune system is getting weak!

My Video: How to kill every virus, bacteria…?
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
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1 thought on “How to kill every virus, bacteria…?”

  1. Larry Pellinacci

    HI RUDI,

    I’m thinking of getting the pulser, however I’m on prednisone
    3 mg and amlogipine 10 mg. for blood pressure. How safe is it
    to use the pulser since I’m on these medications?

    I may also have a touch of aspergulus, can the pulser help
    this condition?

    Also I noted that the product is made in China – What’s the quality
    of the devise?

    Best Regards,
    Larry Pellinacci
    650 878 8043

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