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How to learn a language in 6 months, part1?

The first method: from Scott Young & Vat Jaiswal..

Both candidates traveled within 1 year to 4 countries and learned 4 new languages and even learned Chinese… For every language to learn, they need only 3 months.

Amazing? The trick, speak only regardless of how bad, the foreign language. It is allowed to use, Google-Translate, or any other dictionary, travel guide…

Push through that zone of fear and frustration… so that language learning is fun… Don’t speak your native language, speak only that foreign language to the people in that country…

Because we (that is totally true for me) are afraid to make mistakes and even we know the foreign language, we can’t communicate with this new language. So we have to go through huge resistance until we can communicate…

How did I learn Thai? My new girlfriend didn’t want to learn English, and so I had to speak in Thai…

We have to break as fas as possible our inside language barrier !!!

Next method:

How to learn any language within 6 months?

You don’t need a talent for speaking a new language…
Every baby can learn every language? There is only one exception that is me, so I speak English because my German nobody understands…

We need meaning or relevance, why we want to learn that language…

We can memorize only when we need that…

Principle #1

Focus on language content that is relevant to you!
Make a conversation up in your mind.

Imagine situations that you want to speak… prepare the best sentence …

Principle #2

Use your new language as a tool to communicate from Day 1. That method is the most important step to learn a new language.

We master tools by using tools.
We learn tools fastest when they are relevant.

What is important, relevant, meaningful? Learn just this and apply it.

Principle #3

When you first understand the Message,
you will unconsciously acquire the language.
So, I have learned English, through reading.

Comprehension is the key to learn a language.

Language learning is not about knowledge it is about applying!

Principle #4

We need a physiological training about sounds for hearing and speaking to train our ears and our muscles to speak…

We have inside of us filter that filter in that we are familiar and filter out that we are not familiar.

When you teach your baby a language, the baby watches your mimic and hears your sounds… If we hear on the radio or watch TV in that foreign language we get familiar with the sounds and mimic.

So I learned to sing Bhajans in many different Indian Languages…just through hearing and singing/chanting.

Principle #5

Physiological state matters.

Take a deep breath and relax

If you are sad, angry, worried, upset, you are not going to learn easily! Threatening will make learning impossible…

If you are happy, relaxed in an alpha state, curious, you will learn quickly.

Principle #6
You need to be tolerant of ambiguity. Don’t care how often are you are wrong… When you learn a musical instrument, you are most of the time wrong!!!!

If you want to learn a language Get it wrong, to make mistakes instead of correct…

In the database of our brain, we don’t have the new sounds of that new language…

Make sense, If we speak the new language even accurate it sounds wrong… So we have to explore the new sounds…

If you want to understand 100% or perfect, you can’t learn a language.
Because you will be incredibly upset all the time because you are not perfect.

If you are comfortable with getting some, not getting some … you learn easily.
Just paying attention to what you do understand.
You are going to be fine, relaxed, and you will be learning quickly…

For instance, if You are going to the Netherlands as a German and the Dutch people recognize that you are a German, they speak only Dutch so that you have to learn Dutch. It works!

Principle #7
Learn the foreign alphabet. Because foreign language uses a different pronunciation…you need to learn the new pronunciation.

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