How to live longer through longevity genes?


Put your body through pain throughout your live that will activate your genes for longevity… (Dr. David Sinclair Harvard, Professor of genetics)

Today they can grow in the lab a brain; age it and increase the longevity.
Even a blind rat could grow back its factuality to see again…

And this they have done with the 7 longevity genes…

All great stuff…

The idea to live longer means that we stay younger for a longer period of time without suffering through diseases… and then we should die fast in a healthy matter.
Today is it rather so that we suffer for many years through diseases and that we keep us alive by medicaments… And that is wrong!

Dr. Sinclair recommendations:

What don’t kill you, makes you live longer.

This means controlled pain, for instance: just go in the sauna afterward in an ice-bath and then make your workouts…

What makes the body strong helps for longevity and activates the longevity genes.

Make Highly intensive training… lose your breath once go over your limit…
Or you make this high cold training, you stay in a cold place/water for some time… like the “Wim Hof’ method” this is all science proved for many decades.

The idea is, you should go into survival mode.
Then your longevity genes kicks in.

Convenience, comfortableness makes your body weak…

Stay hungry without getting malnutrition…
Instead of eating, you fill your stomach with warm water/green tea/juice.
If we skip a meal or fast our longevity genes gets activated…
That is all true!

For instance, they have done surveys with mice, dogs and monkeys…
One group stayed comfortable and convenience with food.
And the other group stayed hungry…
Guess which group has done it better… 20% longer life…

I disagree with his other food recommendation, because they are his private recommendation and they are not based on science…!

He recommends High carbon food or High fat food (pure olive oil) – but that needs a long digest time and that is in any case bad, and doesn’t make sense for skipping one meal.
We should fill up our stomach only up to 60% and with 1 meal daily, we cannot survive with a low carbon and low-fat diet…

The trueness is, the raw coast eater, fruit vegetarians have the longest life span, 25 years longer life span than average people…. And that is still the best! For sure they don’t eat grains or fatty food, only a handful of nuts is allowed… and even this I don’t do!

His next recommendations are:
No smoking.
Vegetarian food.
Organically grown food.
Colored vegetables/fruits.
Green leafy vegetables.

Get a good night’s sleep…
Surround yourself with good people, friends that care for you…
Yes, that is all good…

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