How to seduce, part 6?

If everything went wrong in the bed on the first date… What to do?


Do you want to be an integer guy?
What would do an integer guy?

Address the elephant in the room, instead of making facebook…

Face it…

The girl is annoyed and even thinks it might be her mistake, and if you ignore her, you mess up…

I have many experiences in failing in bed…
Even my first date went wrong…

Every man can fail. Even many times, the girl is too tense that you can’t enter… (Read: How to seduce, part 5?)

Or the girl doesn’t like to have sex because you didn’t warm her up enough, or you want it too fast, or she had periods…

Speak openly about your failures, don’t blemish it on the girl!!!

For instance:
Apologize, You had too much stress; that she looks too good to be true, and so you were anxious …

That is the most crucial thing…

And then, ask her, just too sleep close to you without having sex… And later it will work!
Because when you are too over-excited instead to be relaxed, the same is true for females, sex will not work!

When you sleep close together, you will relax. Both bodies are longing for sex, the only problem is to use the condom…
Remember, the most critical thing for nature is to multiply – to create kids… The bodies know what to do, only your thinking is the hindrance!

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