How to seduce, part 7?

Imagine you want to serve the women…

All women love intercourse because we are biologically programmed to make kids.

When I was starting with dating, I attended the very best Tantra/sex groups with the best Therapists in the world… Because I wanted to learn to love women… And then I wanted to become the best lover in the world…

For sure, I had the fortune to learn the best Tantra and Tao-love techniques …

And, do you think if you have this attitude to love and serve women at best, that you will attract women?

But, still, you have to open your heart and to be relaxed …. And for that is meditation… For every date, I was exercising my body and meditating at least 1 hour…

I was imaging and feeling my fears of rejecting and failing… To get even more relaxed!

You can’t win a battle if you don’t be prepared for the worst.

Did I got rejected, did I failed?

Who cares… If you learn something, you win.

Ask why she doesn’t like you, what you have done wrong!

Most of the time, when I failed I had targeted the wrong women or at the wrong time…
When I urgently wanted a girl, I always got rejected… Only when I was relaxed, I was successful.

Because I can’t serve a girl well when I need her! And the girl will recognize that…

Approach women when you want to serve women.

The women want a leader with confidence, a great lover, a guy that can seduce well…

Be a man…
The biological system of females is programmed to get a strong male for getting strong, healthy babies…

The females long unconscious for a baby, and for that they need a man and not a weakling, softy, coward, … The women want to experience passionate love and a guy with purpose and a goal in his life! Still, you need to be sensitive… The Tao says a man should be as strong as a woodcutter and sensible like a baby…

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