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How to sleep better?

What are the reasons for good sleep?

Men who sleep 5 to 6 hours at night have a level of testosterone, which is reduced by a 10-year-old senior.
A lack of sleep will age you by a decade of wellness, vitality, muscle strength., and sexual performance.

So in our Ashram and this is true also for other Ashrams to have less sleep is a virtue! How stupid is that?

If we encounter Night sleep deprivation, then we do have a 70% drop in natural Cell activity.
The link between lack of sleep and cancer is so profound, that the WHO classified night shift work as a probable Carcinogen through disturbed sleep-wake rhythms.

So the shorter you sleep, so shorter your life.
And 9 to 10 hours of sleep will again shorten your life. Too much sleep is bad.

So 7 to 8 hours of sleep is optimum.
When we lose an hour of sleep, heart attack risk is 24% higher.

Actually, society wants us to work or to consume.
And sleep is lost time…
So society supports less time for sleep!

Sleep expert number 1, Dr. Mathew Walker

What prevents /sleep/deep sleep?

1. Coffee, we drink coffee to boost our productivity… Coffee contains Caffeine.
And caffeine has a half Life 5-6 hours, which means it affects even our sleep 12 hours later and is still present and active to 25% 12 hours later.
So avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon or later…
I don’t drink coffee for over 30 years because it is too much work for the kidneys to filter out the coffee particles from the blood. It is so bad for the kidneys!!!

2. Napping, Naps are undoubtedly magical
They boost our heart health, are good for the spine, amplify learning abilities and positively shift our emotions.
Make it short not longer than 20 minutes.
Otherwise, it will be more difficult to sleep deeply during the night.
Makes sense?
Show me any animal that doesn’t nap during the daytime!

5 sleep hacks:

1. Regularity is the foundation
Go to bed and rise up every day, including weekends at the same time.

2. Darkness of the room… The best is total darkness so that the eyes can recover.
1 hour before you go to bed, dim your lighting down. Use only warm white light or reddish light in the night. You will amazed at how easy is to sleep.

3. Temperature… Your sleeping room should be cool, the best is 18.5 Celsius or cooler.

4. Don’t lie in bed awake for too long. Meditate before going to bed or meditate when you can’t sleep, so that you feel good.
Or accept that you can’t sleep. Just give yourself the permission to rest and remind yourself again and again that you want to rest and not to sleep… Guess what happens?

5. Remove all clocks from your bedroom
Don’t take drugs, including alcohol before you go to bed… That reduces the healthy REM cycles during sleep.

Instead of counting cheeps, visualize something nice, read a boring book get a sleeping story, or meditate..

If you couldn’t sleep, do the same as you did when you got a good sleep…
Ignore that you are tired and go earlier to bed.

Remind yourself that sleep is not an on-and-off switch, it is a physiological process, like landing an aircraft.
Winding down is important

Remember, too much light is a no-go

To wake up fast and be fit take a cold shower instead of drinking coffee
Make body exercises that are exhausting…

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