How to time your biological clock perfectly to get awesome results?

From Stanford University, Andrew Huber
We all have a biological clock in us that regulates our organs, cortisol level, mind, and emotions…
If the organs or cortisol levels are not well timed, we are getting sick and our mind/body cannot function properly.
We do need a healthy cortisol level to do our work or task… If the cortisol level starts to increase at a wrong or late time, we can’t be efficient and we get insomnia.
If we watch animals or even our own natural urge, for getting up out of the bed, we want to do it with the sunrise.
What to do?
Go up in the morning after sunrise, (3 hours after sunrise is still OK) go to the restroom, drink some water to get hydrated,
and go outside.
Regardless of how bad is the weather, no excuse (exception, dangerous storms)!
There exists no bad weather, only wrong cloth!
The balcony is OK when it faces the East.
We have 2 options.
The best option is, to do it for 30 minutes your body exercises, strong workouts would be perfect, cycle with your bike, jog or just do a morning walk. Even it works perfectly if the sun is on your back many times.
The second option.
You look towards the sun for 10 minutes, squinting is OK. If the sunlight is too strong, then don’t look directly into the sun.
Don’t use sunglasses, normal glasses are OK.
The horizon should be unobstructed so that you can see the entire horizon.
If it is cloudy, still look toward the sun and increase the time for looking into the sun up to 30 minutes.
I have tried that out, it works for me only when there is full sunshine, but it doesn’t feel good for my eyes. I live in South Thailand, the sun is too strong and mostly it is cloudy in the morning.
Why? Because you get so a healthy peak of cortisol that will stimulate you for the entire day. And the best is to get it after you got up within 30 minutes! You get so much power out of it…
You need 7 to 8 hours of sleep, time it with the sunrise.
This means 3 hours after sunrise is still OK.
When You come back you switch on all Lights. In the morning is blueish light the best and in the night is blueish light the worst. The best is the full spectrum light… more expensive.
You have to do it every day. Don’t miss more than one day!
After one month your biological clock is set up on an optimal level.
What to do afterward?
Don’t drink any caffeine for the next 90 to 120 minutes…
And coffee is the worst! Choose instead green or black tea.
Do body exercises every day!
Everybody should do Cardio exercises like interval training, endurance, weight lifting, every week 120 to150 minutes…
I bought a treadmill and I do interval training.
Don’t do social media, or phone calls in the morning.
Learn to control yourself not to distract…
This is called a “no-go” task, like meditation, you sit and don’t do anything…
How long can you resist not to urge to do some task…?
You do a workout for 90 minutes where you focus only on one task, after sunrise…
I do my Qigong, body exercises, and meditation, …
Or if I have some great ideas, then I will be creative and afterward, I do my Qigong…
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