How to understand the brain-mind connection?

We are told that we are wired to do… And that is wrong …
Our brain and our mind are changing every moment …

Brain surgery teaches us, that when even a bigger part (might be the half) of the brain is damaged or cut out, other parts of the brain are overtaking these missing parts of the brain.

The brain has only one part that always has to function and that is the reptile brain, which is connected to all of the nerves … All the other parts of the brain can be replaced by other parts of the brain.

Imagine there is a big lake, and you take away a bucket of water … Do you think that you have changed anything?

Imagine you throw a stone into the lake and the stone will create ripples or even small waves, afterward, the lake is the same!

The lake is our brain and the stone is a thought or emotion … After some time, the effect will subside …

The thoughts or emotions are caused by many different areas of oui brain simultaneously … It is actually nothing wired …
Every brain cell is connected like the water molecules in the water. ..

When we have a thought that is important for us, then it is like a concert with many instruments playing …
Many brain cells are involved …

For instance, the athletes or artists are telling us to be in the Zone/Flow…

If they are in the Zone:
Then they reach their highest effectiveness.
They are relaxed.
And they are doing their craft, art, and sport effortlessly.
Or to do without doing. (Wu Wei, Tao)

This state of the brain/mind can be reached if the participant has learned their craft and is not bored or over-excited …
In the Flow, the brain excludes every thought/emotion that doesn’t fit to the doing.

What about emotional traumas?

In our brain are stored memories
Different parts can be different parts of that memory.
Like the stupid “windows system” is doing so.
The emotion that is fitting to that trauma is stored in a different part of the brain from that memory.

The problem is the emotions from our trauma hinder us to think and feel independent of our trauma.
There is only one way to get rid of that trauma and, to feel the suppressed emotions of that memory.

Don’t try NLP for traumas, it makes everything worse.
We have to unblock our mind, and our brain by releasing the emotions of our traumas.

Are these traumas good?
For instance cancer patients are traumatized by getting their diagnosis of having cancer.
After some time they accept their life-threatening cancer and value their time much more.
If the cancer is cured, for them is their life quality much more than anything else

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