All of my previous friends have already problems to remember, to keep an appointment, to be responsible with the age of 60, (all of those they could before) that are the starting points of Alzheimer/Dementia…
And it is no fun anymore to be together with them…
Do you want to get Alzheimer/Dementia too?
Then you will be a burden for your family…
And it is so easy to prevent that!

Alzheimer and Dementia are caused through the food!
Change the food!

There exist, these myths if:
one of your parents (3 times higher chance of Alzheimer) had Alzheimer/Dementia.
Or even both (10-15 times higher Chance) you will get it also…
Or that this APOEε4 gene will cause Alzheimer/Dementia…

Yes, that can be true!

What is Alzheimer?
1. Between the brain cells are these β-amyloid proteins and that causes the Alzheimer/Dementia.

2. Or Harmful organism or bacteria are eating our brain if our brain barrier is not working anymore… The cause is leaky guts, and the cause of leaky guts is today’s food!

3. Free radicals will kill our brain cells.

1. We will get these β-amyloid proteins in the brain through Saturated fat or trans-fat. If we eat more than 21g saturated fat or trans-fat per day the chances are 3 times higher to get Alzheimer!
With all dairy products like cheese, butter, cream, ice cream;
cooking oil like coconut and palm oil (even olive oil has 14% saturated fat);
and meat/fish/poultry is so much saturated fat or trans-fat that eventually we can get Alzheimer.
Yes, be a vegetarian!

2. Harmful organism or harmful bacteria are in our guts, because we have invited them by our choice of bad food or drinking alcohol…
How to avoid that?
Don’t eat industrial processed food, white sugar, meat/poultry/fish… and don’t drink alcohol.
Eat fermented vegetables or pro-biotic every day.
Yes, be a vegetarian!

3. In our drinking water are free radicals when we have steel or copper pipes… So don’t drink or cook with tap water.
And even more, there are so many free radicals in industrial processed food, meat, poultry, fish…
We can kill the free radicals when we oxidate them through natural Vitamin E, only by eating plants (spinach, nuts ground soaked in water, seeds). You should take every day 8gr. Vitamin E. In 36gr. ground nuts soaked in water (otherwise our body can’t extract the vitamin E so good out of them) are 5gr. Vitamin E. Eating nuts as a snack will not work.

Any fruit with dark peel like blackberries, blueberries… red grapes.
The dark peel of these fruits has a lot of antioxidants that kills free radicals.

Aged people with memory problems over 70 years old were drinking every day at 600ml red grape juice… After 3 months they memory worked better.

Again, vegans who are eating fruits, grains, legumes, vegetables have more antioxidants that kills the free radicals and don’t eat saturated or trance fat are not getting Alzheimer/Dementia …

In addition, body exercise like a brisk walk (start with 10 minutes and gradually go to 40 minutes) 3 times a week will stop shrinking the hippocampus and the hippocampus that is responsible for memory… will grow again

My video: How to prevent Alzheimer/Dementia?
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