Rudi Zimmerer

Ignorance is the sister of wisdom

Ignorance is not evil, as many yogis think!

Can you tell me any human who is not ignorant, and so we must be evil…

Maybe we altogether know together one drop of the ocean. – Most of all the things we are ignorant.

Could we love somebody or fall in love with somebody, if we would not be ignorant of the bad habits/thoughts, and emotions of our darling?

Could we act effectively if we would overthink everything in order to make no mistakes?

An engineer can maximally exclude 50% of the failures of a newly designed system…
The other 50% he never can grasp in advance!
Every new design is a big risk. So an engineer rather puts old tested system components together than design an entirely new system.

Can we meditate and find peace in the mind without ignoring superficial thoughts?

Can we focus on finding the solution without ignoring thoughts that don’t fit?

Focus is nothing else than to ignore the thoughts that don’t fit!

Can we be successful without ignorance?
A successful person has to act and decide fast without overthinking.
His gut feelings are his decisions-maker…

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