Is Belief = Fanaticism?

If I know deep inside that I can do it, without that I can logically prove it … I believe. And that might be for other people fanaticism.
So deeper my belief for a positive outcome so better.
What is if I believe the doctor is right that I have for instance terminal cancer?
Then this belief will kill me.

For instance, the doctors found out that the father in law from Antonie Robbins had a terminal brain tumor and would die soon. A. Robbins forbade the doctors to tell his father in law anything about his tumor. And so his father in law lived happily for years… After some years, a doctor told his father in law, he has a terminal brain tumor, the father in law died within 14 days.

In this case, the father had the fanaticism to believe in the doctors and so he died.
I had at least 6 times incurable diseases,- cured them all by myself. I was two times killed by doctors (clinical dad)…

If I believe that every disease can be cured with the help of God, regardless what any stupid doctor is telling me, the disease can be healed.

We need a good concept (how to cure our disease) in that we believe and with the faith in God we can cure every disease.

A belief is always positive and a fanaticism is always negative.

We need to believe in God and without demanding anything. So that God can choose (he will do it in any case).

If we fanatic believe in God/Allah and sacrifice our life for the sake of a Religion leader we harm us, the believer in God, the society, and our family.
This never will work out. Fanaticism has always a negative outcome!

What is if we believe in God; – that God knows it better for us and should decide for us. Through this belief in God, we get peace in our mind and don’t demand things we could not get, even we have done everything.

Because we can’t calculate any outcome. We depend on so many things, that we even can fail in any way. Still, we are thankful for any outcome. Because everything is in the hands of God. And God knows it better. Through that, we gain trust and faith in God and can live a positive life.

Even more, after some time we experience miracles because of our faith in God. And that discriminates a God believer from the rest of the world. Deep Faith in God is priceless and I think there exists nothing better.

Fanaticism has never a positive outcome. And still, everybody has such fanaticism inside of us, that harms us.
Discover your negative beliefs or fanaticism that are inside of you.

My Video: Is Belief = Fanaticism?
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