It is good to take birth in a temple

and it is bad to die in the temple…

We grow up in our family and we want the same life…

Even our parents had not been happy or wealthy or lovely.

When Bhagwan or Osho was abused to use brainwashing, that never had been true..
He replied, the greatest brainwashing is doing our parents and our society to us…
Because in the first 7 years we let every information uncensored inside of us and interpret it as an ultimate truth.

In the first 9 years, 90% of our belief system is developed for the rest of our life and to change this belief system is very difficult… So what is brainwashing more?
Even so, we depend totally on our family, so we accept everything from our family..

For instance: If our father is working for the Mafia, guess we will do the same…

Why not to explore life or the world to get fresh ideas?
Or to live our mission and try out new things?

In previous centuries in Germany, after learning the skills as a craftsman, the craftsmen had to leave their city and to travel for several years to work in different places in Germany/Europe to learn more. They called this the journeyman-ship.

And by this journey the craftsmen became independent and lost the fear of doing something new or to explore…

Today’s agenda in the school and everywhere is maximum security or to play safe or not to risk… With other words, we are getting brainwashed to become a coward…
Because cowards are easier to control…

The same trueness applies for the temples/monasteries

Buddha and mostly all saints had been against living in a temple, a secure life…
How can you develop faith in God/ divine when you don’t risk? If you develop not the faith, you don’t become religious…
So it was a must to travel as a begging monk through the countries…

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