It is not important which decision

It is important what we make out of this decision and to remain flexible if it is not working out…

Imagine you have found your dream partner.

You marry your dream partner …

What is important?

You marry a normal person, not your dream partner.

What is important?

The answer is the same.

Until you don’t decide to make the best out of your decision, every decision is wrong…

Often we spend days or weeks deciding …

We lose so much time, living in doubts…

Still, we never can know if this decision is the best or the worst for us.

Because we don’t know the future…

If I see my life …

I had many chances, so like everybody…

Still, is it important to become wealthy, famous…? And to decide to become so?

You can not buy happiness.

Is it important to chase happiness, love, spiritual growing, enlightenment …?

Or is it important to do what God wants from us?

I have seen many people who desperately want to become famous and wealthy…

But their ego was in the way…
Should it be so? That these people should be unsuccessful?

Again, is it important to make the best decision, even if it is never possible…
Because every decision has their advantages and disadvantages…,

There was a poor old farmer who had one beautiful horse…
His horse ran away, and the villager said what for a misfortune!
The old farmer said, I don’t know. Is this good or bad?
His horse came back with many other wild horses…
The villager said: Auspicious luck!
The old farmer said, I don’t know.
When his son was riding the wild horses he dropped, broke his legs and became crippled…. The villager said: Oh what for a disaster it cripples his only son.
The old farmer said: I don’t know.
A war started and all the villagers’ sons had to go to war and died…
The villager struggled and complained, and the old farmer said I don’t know.

All the regrets are total nonsense…

Would it be important today or on my deathbed if I would have made certain decisions?

What is more important to be correct or happy? You can’t have both!

What is important… ?

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