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Learn to reprogram your brain to reduce your pain.

If the brain is programmed to have pain, no medicine will help.
1. First, we ask ourselves:
What want to tell us about the pain?
Do we overwork, or do we do shift work?
Do we have too much stress?
Are we in a relationship struggle?
If we know the psychological cause of the pain, then we can adjust or learn to accept the circumstances that are causing our pain.
So that remedy works very often!!!!
2. Often, we do have pain in the body, that is not related to any physical/medical/anatomic cause.
This phenomenon is called phantom pain.
For instance, 80% of back pain is just phantom pain, without any physical/medical/anatomic cause.
I had so severe back pain that I hardly could do anything…
Before, I had read the book: Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by John E. Sarno
I went to a discotheque, could hardly go out of the car, and started to dance like crazy…
The back pain was gone after 20 minutes…
3. If we are chronicle ill, we support our disease with our negative attitude…
Even positive thinkers are doing that.
Instead to be in control of the pain.
Our Guru Bhagwan taught us, just to focus on the pain until the pain is gone and it works for most cases…
So the more you have tension, stress, and anxiety so stronger will be the pain!
So the more you relax, so lesser will be the pain!
And that works even with strong, tooth pain caused by inflammation!
Or we can focus on the Lord and repeat again and again Thank you
God for the pain…
If we can’t accept our situation, we can’t solve your situation/problem.
I have done a lot of martial arts, and I learned instead to resist a punch, just move the body with the punch so that the punch is not so hard…
This Aikido strategy is to follow the enemy instead to fight the enemy.
Translate that your disease, don’t fight diseases, accept and watch them.
All of these strategies work perfectly for me!
The problem is that people are different, and not all strategies are working for everybody.
4. If we can’t sleep, because of stress and pain, apply Lavender Oil on your hand pulses, and the temple of your head. Get earthing sheets for your bed and connect them with the grounding line of your house…
So, you can sleep easier and much deeper… and your body heals by itself. You should sleep at least 8 hours!
5. Learn to forgive and let go of your problems so you can heal your body much faster…
Love and be grateful for your life and what you have.
6. 92% of our worries don’t come true.
Don’t take your life always seriously…
Learn to laugh and to giggle out of the heart, because life is a joke…
7. Stress destroys everybody!
Get rid of your negativity.
Simply, feel the pain, the negative emotions, and let them go!
8. Do things that relax your body and mind…
Do the sport, meditation, yoga, Qigong, Hypnosis, Breathing exercises, and Sex….
9. Don’t eat sugar, oily food, and junk food or take drugs.
Instead, eat non-processed food like fresh vegetables such as salad and fruits…
That will change your emotions and life positively.
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