Life is not about our victories

it is about our participation!

Life is not about that we have lost or won, that we still in the game and don’t give up.

That we celebrate our time,

be it our leisure time,
be it every step forward, be it our losses…
be it that we are still alive.

In the Mahabharata was Bhishma a King son and when his father like to marry a fishermen girl again, he faced not to be the next king and even had to pledge not to marry,- to live in celibacy… So that the son of the new King’s wife will become the next king. Bhishma agreed! Was he the loser? Never, he lived an extraordinary life, as one of the best warriors, no man could combat (only a woman) him, had also to reign for some time the Kingdom. He agreed to everything, every injustice what life delivered to him. For sure he enjoined his whole life and even his death on the battlefield!

Not everybody can win the world mastership, for what? Is it not enough that we really try our best and to surrender? We should surrender our outcome (fruits) of our actions to God. How can we lose or win, when everything is in God’s hands?

In the world masterships, we can always watch, that the winners had been in the flow. This means they had been relaxed, doing their best at that very moment without concentrating on the outcome. Because if we concentrate on the outcome, instead of what we are doing right now, we lose our momentum.

For instance, we drive a racing car, if we focus on winning the race, instead to be concentrated on the driving and to do our best, we might make an accident!!! Also, we lose our momentum because we put us under tension when we are focused on the outcome, instead of our doing. Or try to persuade to sell something to your customer, when your focus is on the outcome, instead to serve, to have a good time and to entertain your customer. Nobody likes to be forced to buy something!

Do you like to see a boring movie or a movie full of passion and excitements?

Are these passions and challenges even in our hardest time in life, not something that is worth to live? We are demanding something in return back for our suffering, instead to be grateful, that we could have such an exciting life. If we think that we deserve something for our suffering, we are getting frustrated.

If we say No to our challenges in life, we die internally!

For me is the best choice to say Yes to every situation, even I can’t do so, maybe I can learn this!

My video: Life is not about our victories

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