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Love Money and you attract money.

by Ken Honda

Ken Honda is a money healer.

Money touches every aspect of our life.

What is unhappy money?
If we do what we don’t like to earn money, we gain unhappy money.
And if we spend that unhappy money we feel squeezed, unhappy…

Happy money is when we receive it, we feel happy, joyful, and excited. We feel we deserve it. We feel blessed.

When you pay with happy money, you feel blessed, and you say thank you for this service.
And when you pay taxes, you think thank you for the service of the government, without government I don’t have electricity, heating…
Happy money gives you a smile when receiving it and joy when you spend it.

Do you have happy money or unhappy money?

If your money would be a person…
Would it be a scary person or a fun or loving person?

Think of your history…
Has money dealt with you fairly?
Or has money hurt you so many times?

If money would be a person, would you have banned this person?
I don’t want you (money) to be in my house?

Because of you, my parents were fighting.
Because of you, I feel miserable and frustrated.
When your friend would tell you this to you…
Would you be hurt?
Money knows what you were thinking, feeling, or saying about money.
If money would be a person, we have done so many terrible things to money…

By healing money or the relationship with money…
You can do much more with money.
Money can love you back.

Very often happy, wealthy people love money and money loves them back.
Because they have had a great relationship with money for many years…

Look when we deal with money, how much is joy or frustration?

When you have a lot of negative emotions with money like resentment, frustration, despair, and anxiety, money had been hurt!
By healing your money problems you can transform your relationship with money…
And then money transforms your life.

How does healing money transform your relationship with money?

Once the relationship with money is healed, life is very open and they can trust more on their lifestyle more, people…

If you have more positive emotions about money,-
You feel more excited when money comes in, and you feel much better when you pay the bills.

So by healing your money, you heal your life!

And by healing your life you can be more positive about your life.
And you are more excited about the future.

When money would be on your side and money would be not the problem!

What would you do?
Make your own business?
Or on vacation?
Or support people in your life?
You can do so many beautiful things…

When you are coming from a poor family.-
Remember the hard times in your family… fighting, you feel shame, embarrassment… other kids had the money but not you, you feel underprivileged…

When you are coming from a wealthy family.-
You feel guilty in front of other people, you have not deserved it, and you feel guilty to be privileged!

And through that, when problems happened, it triggers so many negative feelings, you feel upset, angry, worried…

When you heal these negative emotions you feel rather more excited, and joyful; – when money problems happened, and so you have more power in your life.
By healing your money, you would transform your life.

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