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Marriage and Sex?

If you don’t want to have sex again, get married…
Sex is the biggest issue in the marriage, then comes money…

Only 7% of all married couples have sex more than 1 a week….
20% of marriages are sexless this means less than 10 times a year.

Unmarried people have more sex than married people.
Most brides don’t have sex on their wedding night.

There are many couples who didn’t have sex for years…
That is only okay when they both happy.
The problem is when one body wants sex and the other doesn’t.

50% of the men would not have married if they have known that their marriage would be so nonsexual.
50% of the husbands are not satisfied with their sex.

No excitement by longterm relationships.
After 2 years of marriage, the sexual arousal diminished and after 1 decade the sex is over.
And for that helps only communication…

Our sex education makes sex dirty and bad… so that we feel guilty to enjoy sex.

Our sex education is:

For males: Pornos and no education for intimacy…
Females are educated for sex diseases and to avoid pregnancy.
Is that very stimulating for having sex.…?

We are overloaded with problems and have no time to enjoy sex.
10% of the people check their smartphone during sex.
35% check immediately their smartphone after sex.

We are connected to the Internet and are disconnected to our lovers.

Most men complain that women don’t initiate sex.
Because of our sexual education, the men should start with sex.
If women don’t initiate sex, the sex will diminish.

How arouse sexual a wife?
Give her a Mercedes SL or to procreate a baby or to have an affair.

If one of the both have too less sex, what will happen?
Males cheat with another girl, prostitute, or online sex.
Women cheat with other guys or other women.

What is the reason not to have sex?

Sexual abuse in the childhood and that is so common. The parents have sex with their kids or nephews.

For instance, my male friend had to give as a kid oral sex to his aunt, grandmother, and neighbor son… Or my gay uncle wanted to have sex with us. Sorry, from that time I hated all gays….

To heal the sexual abuse needs a lifetime.

The parents tell their kids that sex is so dirty because they don’t have sex or can’t enjoy sex.

Male problems with sex:

Male in their aging above 40 gets a rectal dysfunction …
Because of:

Heart problems,
low testosterone,
Unresolved problems,
Financial issues,
Excessive Alcohol consumes.

Couples who live in a nonsexual marriage feel:


Loneliness leads to heart problems and so to an early death.

You can have sex your whole life when:

You are healthy.
Daily workout is necessary because of blood flow.
Pay more attention to your spouse than to your smartphone.
Spend more time in your bedrooms than in your boardrooms.
Deal with your marriage issues.
Sleep in the same bed at the same time.
Sleep naked.
And have guidelines for sex outside of your marriage…

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