Millionaire do this in the morning

Start with intention

Instead to check your emails in the morning or the news…
If you do so, then other people/events interfere or control your life.
Even worse, many people are doing always what other people want from them…
It might be their family, boss, spouse…
You should be in control of your life.

If you check your emails in the first 60 minutes of the morning you decrease your productivity by 30% for the entire week.

What are your primary things to do and how can you do them at best?

I check the emails, mainly in the evening, and I write the important emails in the morning because in the morning is the creativity the highest of the whole day.

Best performers are focused 60% of the whole day on their agenda…
So, they get the things done…

For instance, I decided to do 6 videos on Saturday night, and only when I have done so then I can go out…

Guess, my procrastination level was very low…
This means you have to pay yourself something for your sacrifice, effort, and work that compensates you for your time and energy.

What are you doing or have done, at least for 20 minutes every day?
Because this will motivate you to do better and to become better.

Claim the day
Be thankful for what you are and what you got…
Best praise the Lord for what you have got.
So more grateful you are so more you get to be grateful for…

Praise yourself in front of the mirror:
First, say your name:
Rudi, I am proud that I have… 7 things, habits
Say your name:
Rudi, I forgive myself for these 7 things that I have done wrong…

Chose an idea and work on that idea the entire morning.

Make your bed,
do your workout,
And do for 5 minutes journaling or morning pages…

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