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It is a mistake not to fail…

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How can we recognize our mistakes and start new when we do not fail? Almost everybody thinks to fail is a mistake. And I think not to fail is the mistake.

If we can’t fail, we can’t win.

If we don’t take a risk in life, we never get what we want!

We never can be successful if we are afraid of failing.

Failing is a natural process for learning new stuff, to recognize what we can make better.

As an engineer, I had learned to fail until it works…

And when we have invested very much in getting that specific outcome and losing… It hurts a lot. Because it hurts, we should recognize our mistakes. Great, we change our strategy and try it again. Or maybe that outcome is not so important, it was rather more a Fata Morgana and to enjoy the here and now is maybe more fun.

Imagine you are lying on your deathbed, do you think that most of all your goals had been the stress worth to get them? Do you think that your failing is important anymore?

We simply see our life too seriously. The best jokes are always when we failed and could laugh about them. At the end it was funny otherwise we see our life too seriously.


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