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I have never spoken with an honest money or wealth adviser or got any stock/option/future/forex trading letter that has worked out…

The world-master trader Larry Williams says that 99% of the trading newsletters are not working! Also, Larry Williams’ trading newsletter was not working!!!!
Nor the trading newsletter from the German World-master trader was working!!!


The Media, the stock-market experts and stock-market-newsletters are never reliable… They get money for every recommendation as commission by the corporation of that stock.
They can’t check the inner value of that stock:
Because they don’t have the know-how, or all of the accounting documents of the firm or the time… It needs months to check the accounting of a corporation. And they never visited that corporation.

My father (Prof. Dr. Dr. Carl …) had the biggest real estate firm for firms, was the most reliable expert and with the highest reputation in Germany for corporations… He said, he never has seen any true accounting! Most Corporations are under-capitalized and so deep in debt, that they even buy their own stocks with cheap bank loans to increase the stock price to find stock buyers… They even hide their losses and pay taxes for profits that they never have made.

In the last 20 years I have seen forecasted over 30 stock market crashes and not one of them happened in their forecasted time frame and that even from the most reliable Stock traders like Jim Rogers, Dr. Harry Dent, Peter Schiff…

These wealth advisers making even cheating Advertisement on Facebook that the most famous Billionaires are taking their advice to generate money with Bitcoin… Beware of it!


90% of the traders are losing their money!

And now the next spam is Wood plantations..

First category, they say that they are generating 20% every year.
Why don’t they get a loan from the bank and pay only 0.5% ? For what reason they should give you 20%?

Second category they promote nature and you get your own trees… without telling definitively how much money you will gain. You will lose just your money…

Apartment-houses with a return of 8% -20%per year…
So better and nicer the prospect so more money you will lose (T. Kiyosaki).

If you want to make money on the stock market:

First understand that the FED of the USA is controlling the stock market over the indexes (Sp500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones index), Gold, Silver, and bitcoin… If the Indexes are plunging then automatically the Fed pumps money in the Indexes…

The Fed was printing money like crazy to rescue the banks and got nearly bankrupt by the rescue, so the FED bought the Indexes to stabilize the dollar…And the Indexes went through the roof…

The inner value of the American stocks is maybe 10 to 20%… Most Stock corporations are living from cheap loans and they don’t invest in the future… Yes, there will be a final crash!

Second, seasonal trading is not working anymore!

Never hold over 7 different money making tools like stocks, futures…

Because your mind can’t follow more than 7 things at the same time.

Make paper trading until your intuition is trained.

Your fear and greed is your biggest enemy…

Trade only when you are relaxed …

Bank robbers enter a bank. Questions: Who are the criminals in the bank? And who are not the criminals? I don’t know!

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