Music for healing the brain.

Sound Therapy for Anxiety and Stress.

Sound can alter our brain waves and so our brain can find deep states of relaxation by sound.

Music has the power to heal.

Learning with music is much easier.

When we think, the brain cells (neurons) are sending electrical signals.

If we want to learn something new, then the neurons have to link together to create a new neural pathway. The brain cells (neurons) need to be fired at the same time to connect…

Neurons that fire together wire together.
Neurons out of sync do not link.

And for that is rhythm in the music is responsible that the neurons fire tighter.
If we give information together with rhythm; the information connects in the brain the neurons, so we can build up new neural pathway.

The music supports Neuroplasticity.

Music can regulate neuron transmitters and generate dopamine that is, for instance, rewards-based learning.
If we want to learn something new then we need dopamine.
Listening to preferred music generates more dopamine.
Learning with music that we like, -make sense!
When I studied, I always listen to music and my mother was asking why… Today we know the answer.

Music can activate the entire brain.

We can:
change our emotion by music,
sleep by music,
awake by music,
remember the past events,
go into trance (trough drumming patterns)
And transmit information.

With specific music, we can activate specific areas in the brain…
And so, we can manipulate the brain with music, it depends on the person that hears that music…
For instance, you had an awful time, a disaster, accident when you heard that song…
Guess I play that song and you get emotional…

The music therapy uses (preferred) music for the patients, that the patients love at most.

Music therapy is a skillful use of music.
To maintain.
Emotional and physical health.

For instance, music helps patients with Parkinson’s diseases to move better.
Frequency, tempo to move bigger and more forcefully.
Use music and dance to work on balance, posture, walk better for Parkinson’s disease.

For instance, a patient could not walk by himself and he learned through music to walk; and then he could walk by singing in his head without help.

Why does Music therapy work?

Regulation of Neurotransmitter.
Clear signal.
Synchrony of Neural Firing.
Engages Multiple brain areas,
Use music to transmit information.
Use rhythms to synchronize Neurons.
And it can engage multiple areas of the brain…

Parkinson’s is caused by a lack of neurons and dopamine in the Globus pallidus…
If a Parkinson’s patient dances after the rhythms, then he will learn to synchronize his movements with music and so create new neural pathways to move his body…
And that is the healing…

My video: Music for healing the brain.
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