Never become half-hearted!

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If we fall apart, we starting to compromise ourself and so our work, our being…This is what hurts more than anything else, we can’t anymore believe in ourself, in our message, in our mission…. And still it is so commend to be half-hearted and to break our promise. As the result we can see the people lose their dignity and taking drugs, because of that. For instance: the politicians…
The great Psychologist Gerda Boyesen said: if we keep our promise regardless what, we have done very much for ourself!

A reporter is visiting a mad house… In one room is the previous major of the city… nude, except he is wearing a hut… The reporter is asking, Why you are nude? The major replied: Because I am a free man and I am free of ego. The reporter asked: Why you are wearing a hut? The major replied: Because I am the major!

And this exactly we are doing too, when we have still an option to escape, in the case we are wrong.

It is better to fail full, to lose our face, than to have this additional option.
No great man, for instance all religions founder or great religion Saints, like: Jesus, Mohamed, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tzu,… had compromised them self….

The great stock market legend Jesse Livermore said it simple: Better I fail on my term, then to follow other people tips, because I can’t learn from that!

At the end, we have to learn from try and error and so we have to fail in order to win. We can become only an expert in any area, when we have done all the mistakes and have done it full hearted.

Thomas Edison had needed over 8000 experiments to design the Electric bulb. And then his bulb was burning in the mid of the night, he went excited in the room of his wife and exclaimed: It is burning!!! His wife angry shouted: Make the light out, I want to sleep! Life is life.

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