New Dating Strategies that will work!

Try to be the best you that you can be when you date… Just to be yourself will not work so good.

1.) Before you go dating ask Yourself: What is your intention when you date somebody? Do you want just to impress that person or to have sex, or to have fun or to go dancing? With an intention, you ground yourself … instead to be confused…Don’t put yourself under pressure… Just to have fun is for the beginning enough instead to expect too much.

2.) Exercise your body a lot to relax before you date… Or meditate … so that you build up more self-esteem… So happier you are so easier is dating!

3.) If you are overconfident then maybe you look like an arrogant Ass-@***…. Make jokes about yourself, tell funny stories about how you have failed. That will break the ice!

4.) If you have too less confidence… Go in the morning and before dating in front of a mirror, and imagine to see in the mirror your darling… Close your eyes and let tell your darling what she/he loves from you for 2-3 minutes. Open your eyes and look at how you do have changed!

5.) Buy dating Mp3 hypnosis from Dr. Steve G. Jones and hear it when you go sleeping… Or I can make also a specific Dating Mp3 for you, (I am a certified Hypnotist by Dr. Steve G. Jones). Because in Hypnosis You can change your mind very easy and effective!

6.) Present the best version of yourself physically (as well as emotionally).
Look what fashion your dating mate likes and match up. Your cloth should be iron and clean, your hairs (and beard) well trimmed and fashionable …

7.) Keep it positive—and yes, keep it light. Fun and Small talk are for the first date the best… Don’t become seriously, – both of you want to be entertained… Don’t tell your problems…

8.) Have an interest in that person… instead to try to impress (that is the worst)… Ask genuine questions. Because everybody loves to tell something about themselves. And then you follow up…

9.) Look what you want. If you can’t stand that person keep it short and go. If that person has some behavior that you dislike… common give it a chance. Don’t judge too early.

10.) Have some strategies to break the ice and to have fun… If you start with a game or have some funny question, connecting is much easier. And it gives you more confidence… This doesn’t mean that you have to apply them, …

11.) Don’t be cool, be vulnerable. Show your interest, show that you love that person instead to hold back… Imagine you are out with an over cool guy and the next night you are out with a guy who shows how he loves you. Which guy you will choose? Don’t overdo it… text your new darling but not every minute!

12. Be persistent (but don’t cross into being pushy).
If you just had an amazing time with someone and don’t want it to end, tell the person how much you enjoyed the date and offer up a nightcap or second date. If the other person politely declines, leave it there for the night—if you try too aggressively to get someone home with you or to go out with you again, it’s a massive turn-off, and you’ll blow any future potential. Instead, just thank them for the evening. Seeing your graceful reaction might even turn things around after the other person has a few days to think.
For a man, it is important that you make the first step for an intimate relationship and don’t ask for permission!!! If she likes it, she will show it to you… If not, then say sorry and let it…

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