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Are there no hell or heaven?

If there are no hell or heaven, then we have to enjoy the here and now; otherwise, our life is ruined.


How can we enjoy our life when we:

1.) Cheat,
2.) Lie,
3.) Steal,
4.) Kill,
5.) Are cruel,
6.) Are stingy,
7.) Are furious
8.) Are jealous,
9.) Are unrighteous,
10.) … ?


If we do negative things, we can get an adverse outcome…
If we harm other people or harbor negative feelings against other people inside of ourselves, we attract an undesirable result for our life.
How we deal with other people, we also deal with ourselves…


A real happy person is trying his best to live a healthy life without unnecessary harming anybody and is seeking to improve his character, his habits every day. A happy person decides to accept everybody and to love as many people as possible…


If we want to enjoy our life we live a healthy, long life, we are vegan because we don’t want to harm our lovely animals and not poison our body with acid meat. With the right exercise, healthy food and Chi Gong we remain fit and vigorous until our death, -see Master Lu Zijian with 118 years making his Chi Gong.

We don’t take any drugs because drugs make everything worse and drugs are only for cowards who are even afraid of their own feelings.


For what is a religion?

A genuinely religious person is blissful if he remembers God or if he is rising his energy from his lowest chakra upwards. A religious person is humble and happy with every outcome. Because he knows that God knows it better than himself what is right for him. A religious person is surrendering his life to God and is getting the blessing and happiness of God. For sure a genuinely happy person is also a religious person.


Why is a happy person also attracting disaster, struggles, dramas in his life?
Have you tried to write on a whiteboard with a white chalk?
Through our Challenges in life, we can enjoy our life even more, and we grow inside and become better.


What is wrong with a drama? If we want to accomplish a challenging goal, then we have to go out of our comfort zone. For sure we will be challenged! But if we are cowards, we never like to risk anything! The risk for a meaningful life is always a drama. Through our agonies, we can learn so much! And also, we build up a deeper God connection. Without tough times we never have the chance to develop a loving relationship with God… The worst times are the best times.


For what we need the hell and heaven if everything is a blessing of God?


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