Rudi Zimmerer

Overcome the ‘I Am Not Enough’ Mentality

I was driven to succeed because I thought that I am not be enough
Because we feel when we succeed, we will feel to be enough.
Even when we are doing the world record, being successful, rich, together with an attractive spouse, making the first million…
Still, we remain self-critical.
The root course of feeling I am not enough are 3 fears.
The 3 Fears are:
Fear of failure
Fear of Success
Fear of judgment
This feeling, I am not enough:
Will destroy us.
Hold us back from our greatest gifts to express our love, be generous, and be open.
The solution is we have to heal our traumas and wounds from our past.
Why do I feel not being enough?
Regardless of what I accomplish, I don’t feel to be enough…
Why do I am not satisfied with me?
Do I need to accomplish more in order that other people accept or love me?
Still, I can’t love and accept myself.
Why do I need to be successful?
Are success, fame or to be wealthy a puppet or a substitute for loving yourself and others?
We can learn the art of loving and accepting ourselves.
We criticized ourselves too much when we were young.
We are living in shame.
We are beating ourselves up or others for every mistake that we have done or our family, spouse or friends have done.
We don’t forgive our younger selves:
For all the bad things that happened to us.
That we hurt ourselves and others.
We were not perfect! Instead to think it was good enough.
We have to heal our inner wounds and traumas to be at peace with ourselves…
How to heal our wounds from the past?
We do the Healing journey of our past when we had different ages.
We fit photos from our childhood into our healing journey.
Then we start healing the emotional wounds of our past, to live in peace today.
And to be compassionate to ourselves.
And we feel also the things that we have accomplished, – something to be proud of.
I have done emotional therapy to heal my traumas and I will recommend that for everybody.
Otherwise to heal your traumas alone is too difficult in the beginning… We have to learn that with a qualified therapist…
For me is the easiest therapy, EFT and Hypnosis like Siegmund Freud had done without NLP.
If we try to heal traumas with unqualified helpers, it will get worse! Don’t do so.
You would not bring your car to a barber, to expect that he can change the engine…
Why would you go to your friends to heal your traumas when they have no experience in healing traumas? It doesn’t make sense!
Otherwise, we will continue to live in our pain and make wrong decisions to avoid pain…
That never will serve us!
I want to honor my younger self to get through that pain/challenge.
That I have overcome so much.
My Video: Overcome the ‘I Am Not Enough’ Mentality
My Audio:‘I-Am-Not-Enough’-Mentality.mp3

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