Pain is certain, suffering is optional

This sounds contradicting… In any case, we have to go through pain, through deep pain and that nobody can avoid.

We see people suffering for years, instead to let the pain go and start new.

My old German language teacher (80 years old, because he was very qualified) said you don’t know what is suffering or what is to be forced. He lost during the two World Wars two times his wife and his children,- his whole family, still he could build up his next family, and he had total faith in God. Besides that, he said you have to learn every day until you die… Because he knew that life or the world is changing fast, we have to adapt to every situation that we face.

Don’t think it hits only you with a tragedy…

There is beautiful parable from Buddha.
A young woman was coming to Buddha, crying that her baby died, and said first my husband died and now my baby. Buddha said: go to every house and collect one mustard seed from a house where never have been the death… Next evening she was coming back to Buddha with empty hands and said let me discover what never dies. This story helped me a lot when we lost under tragedy circumstances our unborn baby…

Afterward, I could understand the message of our tragedy and surrendered total to the spiritual path and got impressive results… So this tragedy actually helped to discover God…

My Video: Pain is certain, suffering is optional

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