Perfect life

Perfect life
Our life is perfect if many parts of our life are not working out and we are happy. And it is stupid to try to make everything work in our life… Today life is very complicated and we have many conflicting desires in us, so that it is simple not possible for most of all, that everything in our life is awesome… Imagine you build up a new firm, you come home after 10 to 12 hours, do you think that you can give your family, spouse and children your full attention, … Even many people are looking TV, drinking beer,- filling their mind with BS, taking drugs, instead of emptying their mind with meditation, and/or doing sport and sticking to a healthy diet…. Be honest! If we try to make one part awesome, then we need for this task mainly all of our energy and then the other parts of our life are falling apart… If I read a goal setting from over 100 desires … how does that should work out… I don’t belief in this total goal setting, that is nothing else then a corset/straight jacket that hinder us to enjoy the here and now. Then I see the people running from one appointment to the next appointment, and that even in their leisure time… and then heart attack this was it…. After the Hindu scripture and western science we can concentrate only on 7 things. Because we lose our focus and at the end we don’t gain anything… so less goals so better… German proverb: Less is much more… How is it if we define for our whole life our core values (not more then 7) and focus on them in our entire life? This means everything should be in line with our core values! For instance my core values since over 20 years are: be honest, have compassion and help, enjoy my life, to do every task at best I can do right now, total trust in God, do my spiritual and health – Dharma every day, (this means meditation, Chi Gong, only to eat raw cost and make sport). If we live our core values, at least we are not anymore so frustrated, when something is running bad…. And to make the right decision is so much easier. Believe me one thing, even everybody is lying around me, still I live my honesty (say directly unfiltered what I think) and don’t care if the guy is rich and very powerful….
If we then learn to enjoy an imperfect life, instead to run after many desires, life becomes beautiful. If one area is perfect then we try to make the next area good…and don’t be afraid that after optimizing some parts of our life, other parts are bad… How is it, if we are happy and thankful for everything what we have now? And then enjoy the journey to make other parts of our life awesome… We can only be happy now… never later….

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