Prime your brain

What is Antonie Robbins doing in the morning to get highly motivated for the day?
Morning routine
He is going in freezing cold water and which he had done for the last 20 years. So it should work.
It moves your lymph.
It feels horrible after going out you feel incredible.
I do it to train my brain, when I say now I do it directly, no waiting.
Priming for 10 minutes.   (Link at the end).
Most people think that they think independently… and that is not true.
Priming is  a psychological principle
Interviewer Asked people to read a 2-3-minute story and afterward, they should tell the story and offer them iced coffee or hot coffee.
A. For the people who got iced coffee.
80% of the people described:
The main character is cold and not caring.
B. For the people who got hot-coffee
80% of the people described:
The main character is warm and gentle.
Our brain is conditioned by the environment.
During the covid crisis 80% of the people died because of obesity or the reason was fear.
Anxiety makes the immune system weak.
We are all primed from the outside, how is it if we prime our brains by ourselves.
Exercise for 10 minutes priming:
1# 3 Minutes think of 3 events in your life for which you should be grateful and feel that gratefulness.
Can be 2 big reasons and one small reason.
There are 2 emotions that mess up our business and relationship that is anxiety and anger…
You cannot be angry or anxious and grateful at the same time…
2# 3 Minutes blessing
3 minutes to thrive I want to concentrate on 3 things that I want to accomplish.
I feel that I have accomplished them already and feel grateful for them. I celebrate them.
3#  I send an audio message to somebody as a sincere compliment and be specific about why I like his doing. Why is this so important for you? Good remedy for stress, anxiety…
I love people, find the goodness in the people, and what is acknowledged will grow.
I want them to feel appreciated. It deepens every relationship.
Life is about good emotions and relationships. I do it for them and me.
Build up good habits.
4#  I do what I dislike most during the day! I want to handle that problem.
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