Regret the past until the past is gone…

From our recovery time depends our success…

Imagine you are boxing and get a hit that hurts you so much…

Do you think you can still fight with the same power and speed?

Or do you feel rather more handicapped and so your enemy can knock you down?

And that is life…

The best stock-market traders have the shortest recovery time…

After the coronavirus crises, many firms are on the edge to bankruptcy or bankrupt…

The losers are regretting; the winners using the chances to get even richer through a crisis…

If you regret your past completely, you can start new and you will see your chances…

Otherwise, you see only a dark future and you will miss out opportunities…

The worst example is Nikon… Nikon has lost 87% of its profits and 13% of its revenues compared to March 2019 …

Still, Nikon is not changing his strategies that have caused their losses…
and even give the excuses because of the coronavirus and the flooding in Thailand…

What are your excuses?
Or what do you regret… Honesty!

To think “I regret nothing in my life” will not help without checking
what are your emotional and suppressed regrets that held you back?

Imagine you again in the ring and got a blow that hurts so much, do you think your positive thinking “I regret nothing” will help?

Or would it be much better to train your endurance for taking hits?

And that is needed in our life…

But first feel the pain and make your regrets…

I suggest this Meditation with music that you can download: Link at the end.

If you want your power back, make this meditation!

Regret Meditation:

Breathe chaotic deep in and out with the support of your entire body for 10 minutes..
Breathe deep out with your nose and deep in with your nose and or mouth.
While you stand with relaxed and a little bent knees (the knee should bend just only over the whole foot).

When you breathe out, you bend the body forward, and your bent arms swing forward and inside.
When you breathe in you bend the body backwards, and your bent arms swing backward and outside. (Tabla Rhythm)

20 minutes think vividly about your pain and regrets..
Release your regrets emotionally and powerfully with the support of your body.
If you can’t use your voice, make it remote… (Minimal music)

10 minutes shake your body. Shake your regrets and negativities out. (African drums)
10 minutes sit in mediation with your back straight. (Indian Flute)
10 minutes dance and celebrate. (spiritual Disco music)

My Video: Regret the past until the past is gone…
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio:

Regret meditation music:

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