How to relax in difficult times?

In even good times it is for many people difficult to relax. Because we are occupied with too many things at the same time, and that creates a flood of thoughts.

It would be much healthier to reduce our conflicts or our problems.

Less is much more.

After the 80/20rule gives us 20% of our jobs 80|% outcome… For what we need the 80% of our jobs, problem makers?

Make a list from all of your friends, jobs, tasks, where you are involved in…. Get rid of the 80% that will contribute positively only to 20% to your life.

|Why? In crises, this 80 % will pull you down and will take your power that you need.

Learn to meditate or to relax with sport, dancing, music, painting,…

When the things are running worse, we like to relax. How to do?

1.) If we struggle, we don’t like to accept our situation and even are fighting inside against ourselves.

So faster we relax, so faster we come out of that situation.

Everybody experience injustice, so you are not alone. Juices are unusual. Think how much more people suffer in these so called wars for better… Be thankful that you are still life.

If we think Why me… Self-pity never helps. Then ask yourself: Why me not?

Every body has to experience pain but to make out of the pain a suffering is B.S.

All these Thoughts in your head are created from the pain. If you feel the pain, the Thoughts are done.

The solution is, feel the pain and relax.

2.)Don’t be superman or superwoman!

If we are in new situations, we can’t find the optimal solution, and we make mistakes.

Don’t beat yourself up when you have done wrong! It is just learning! Relax…

3.) Feel yourself.

The only problem that we have is that we don’t accept our bad feelings. Nevertheless, we enjoy dramatical movies! This is a contradiction!

Chose dramatic music, play it loud, if not possible go in the park… And go deep into your emotions… Let the anger and sadness out and enjoy it, like you enjoy the dramatic movies.

4.) We want to be always positive!

We go in life through the poles of positive and negative.
Be authentic and don’t hide your pain.

The people will come to you and consoled you… You will get deeper contacts with your friends…

And the friends who don’t like that you share your pain, GET RID OF THEM!

5.) Do intensive Meditation, Sport or Dancing to relax. Body activities are excellent to get rid of negative emotions and thoughts.

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