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Learn To Relax With Meditation

Learn To Relax With Meditation even in the worst times in this free meditation course for one year.
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Namaste, My name is Rudi Zimmerer. I am an international meditation master. I give for free an one year course for meditation
Alone through seeing of these videos you become much better in Meditation. Because you understand, what cause all of your thoughts, how to reduce them, how to gain bliss and much more.

The East strength is to accept the situation and the West is to find solutions….
I embrace the West psychology and the East spirituality. I was over 12 years in Meditation retreats and always in bliss, adored for my meditation from the president of the Hindus. I was beaten and abused as a child nearly every day. Nevertheless within 2.5 years I gained the Kundalini, the relationship to God, that gives me to every moment I want bliss, love and happiness. And when I could do it under the worst circumstances, then for sure you can do it too with my teaching,- maybe in one year! And this I promise: I want that you gain easy access to meditation and that you can connect to God/Divine …. This would make your life and the life of your family/friends much better.

The feelings are creating the thoughts and the thoughts can’t create feelings but suppress them. This is to 100% science proved in the last 5 years. This means we are working on our feelings and then the thoughts will follow. If we have fear, we have doubts and checking if we are right…. So 80% of our thoughts are fear driven. How is it, if we feel our fear or face our fears, then we can relax. No fears, no fear thoughts. It is just so simple…What is if we are very angry, then we have angry thoughts.
Do you think, if you meditate for 5 hours, that you will gain peace in your mind?
Or if you chop wood or kick and box against a sack of sand, hanging down from the ceiling for a half hour… can it be that your anger vaporize?

Or if you do first the boxing and kicking and then meditate, is it possible that you find stillness in the mind?

Life is simple, if it is complicated, we make it complicated!

It is not enough, to learn meditations under perfect circumstances, we need meditations that are working under the worst circumstances. Because we need fast to relax, in the worst situations, otherwise the situations are getting even worse, and for this is meditation. I live a very dramatically life, I have faced in the last 12 years 4 times the death, one time clinical dead, and 1 year ago I was lying in the intensive station… my entire body paralyzed, nobody could help me. Still I could gain fast calmness and peace in the mind, and then I focused on that, what I want; – this means on God, and to go home by myself. 7 hours later I left the hospital on my own feet, the mind of the doctors had been blown away. You will learn these techniques too, that will work everywhere! So that you can act intelligent in the worst situation, instead of going in panic mode. And then you can enjoy your life like me, even in bad situations. Later you will learn to transform your anger, sadness to bliss and love….

Meditation is watch and let happen…this means we watch our thoughts, feelings and body sensations without to interfere or to judge. Everything is in meditation good, there exist nothing in meditation that is bad. Or everything is just so …. In the meditation we have a focus point outside of the thinking process; the focus point might be a chakra, the breath streaming in and out of our nose or the name of God. This means we watch out thoughts/feelings/body and coming back always to our focus point. Example, watch ships going down a river and you have a focus point on the other side of the river. When the ships are passing by, you lose your focus point and then you come back when the ship has passed by. The ships are the Thoughts/feelings/body.

If we prepare us for our meditation, then it is much easier to enjoy our meditation.

If we are working everyday, then for sure we have suppressed a lot of feelings, like anger, fear, sadness, because not every moment of our work is fulfilling. The same is true for our relationships…. After the work, we like to meditate, then all the frustration are coming up in the meditation. Because the feelings like that we feel them. If we don’t feel the feelings, at least we have 10 times more thoughts…. So what to do?
Look for the perfect Job/spouse/ family/friends?
After the law of polarity: if something is good then there is also something bad and this to the same size. In any case we have to suffer for something that we enjoy in the world.
The next solution is simple, but difficult, give up our identification or do everything selfless. Krishna said Identification is sorrow, Buddha said relationships are sorrow….
To give up the identification or be total selfless is for mostly of all people including me not possible.
Then we chose something for our body, mind to release our suppressed feelings, tension and sexual tension. For our body we need to make exercise or sport so that our body remains healthy and then meditation is easier.…. When I was working, I rode my bicycle regardless of the weather to the work… If you can’t do that, then make other body exercises, so stronger so better, before you meditate. In addition I will give you later powerful exercises to release the suppressed feelings.

I suggest that you write down your thoughts for 10 to 20 minutes every day and then after 14 days you read it. Then you understand your thinking process much better…. Clarity is power, so make this.
Do you know that 4 times more house holder with family are getting enlightenment then monks. Because we have to live a worldly life to experience what is true and what is wrong…. Just to reject/ renounce the world/sex will not work for mostly of all people. So we can use everything for our inner path/spirituality/meditation….this means also our sex with Tantra and Tao love that I teach in this course, too.

Every baby is gaining bliss when sucking milk from the mother breast. The Yogis, Taoist have learned from the babies how to gain bliss, so they are using the same technique, without sucking milk. You can learn this too.

I like to teach you all the basic techniques and understanding from meditation in the next free videos, and when you are ready, the techniques for bliss. In the next video, we will learn how to go in the flow and in trance, trough moving of the body. With these techniques, we can learn to go deeper in meditation. I have included a great meditation for that, with music…
So what is, if you can inspire your friend to participate in this free Meditation training.
My intention is that I like to give meditation groups in your country; to build up meditation groups, so that we can meditate together and spend our free time. I live in Krabi/South Thailand, it is easy for me to visit you.

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