Save Our Soil

The biggest concern today is our soil.
Our soil is getting worse and so we will ultimately die through a lack of nutrition.

Our pollution is awful, but we can fix it easily if we compare it to get our soil good again.

Within 100 years the nutrition of our food has dropped to 90% because of our soil…

This happened through the industrialization of agriculture with artificial fertilizer and pesticides.

Huge areas of wood and wetland were cleared to do agriculture.

The soil is exposed directly to the sunlight and is not protected anymore through shadow.
Even worse, we lose so much good soil to flooding or storm.

In addition, the temperature is increasing by destroying the forest through burning or cutting, and that causes climate change…

The UNO reports.

1/3 of our world’s soil is already degraded.
And 52% of agricultural soil is already degraded or not usable for growing plants.
We have only soil for agriculture left for 45-60 years…
Afterward, no agriculture is possible!
We are calling this soil extinction.

In the last 30 years, 80% of the biomass insects have disappeared from the planet.
This is a real suicide.
The world economic forum says:
30% less food in the next 20-50 years…
There will be serious food crises on the planet, it is inevitable.
When food crises come, …
Well, whoever has the biggest guns will come and take the food.
The chaos and the suffering that we will create for populations around the world is unimaginable.

Why is our soil going worse?
What is sand becomes soil if you add organic content to it.
In a rainforest, the organic content is over 70%.
In normal agricultural soil, the minimum organic content is 3 to 6%.

In India, 62% of the soil has below 0.5% organic content.
India is on the verge of desertification and so also many other countries.

The USA has used too much herbicides, weedicides, pesticides, and water irrigation (that calcified the soil).

In Germany, we have a soil protection law for over 1000 years… This means 2 years agriculture on the farmer’s land and in the 3rd year, the soil has to rest. And it works perfectly for over 1000 years!
Just do it, like the Germans are doing!!!

The biodiversity is humus in the soil.
82% to 85% of biodiversity is in the first 30cm of the topsoil.
When we plow with machines, like tractors plow to a depth of 20-30cm, and leave the soil open, we are destroying the biodiversity completely.
Without humus the soil becomes dead…

Climate change happened through destroying the tropical forest.
No tropical forest means no shadow…
The temperature went up.
The land is getting hot, plowed, or paved so that the vegetation is over.
We can and must reverse that!
The land has to go under vegetation, whatever kind…
Natural grasses, bushes, trees…
Because that serves the ecological activity…
Soil is the largest water soak and carbon sink.
The 90 to 100cm of topsoil on average around the planet is the basis of 87% of life on this planet.
To keep biodiversity alive is the most important thing that we need to do right now.
Unless we start now, we have no future anymore.

For instance:
The save soil movement

My Video: Save our Soil
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