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Science – A Belief Or A Fact?

We read in the newspaper or on the internet much news about science, what they have found out and after some time, it is proven that the publication was wrong. Do you know that a new science publication after three to five years is outdated or ninety percent false?

A long time ago, people thought the earth was a disk, but that has been proven wrong by scientists. Scientists have also verified that a bumblebee cannot fly. In Robert M. Pirsig’s bestselling book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, he explained how short living is today a science publication, so that we can’t trust anymore what scientists are publishing.

Previously, we believed in Religion and today in science. So we all need something that we can believe in. Our minds want for everything to be one hundred percent proven, and even if we have evidence, after some time the doubts come again. The main problem is that we are so over intellectual that we need verification for everything and we can’t trust anymore our heart. So we got the proofs from science, and then we had our faith in something that was real for us and not in the illusionary world of Religion.

Science became more and more unreliable. In the last twenty years, science proved that the religion scripture became true in very obscure facts like everything is God = Energy; levitation, telepathy, thoughts reading, miracle healing, living without oxygen under the soil for one year, materializing from things (telekinesis) through other spiritual people. And so the history of the Bible with Jesus got proof. The genesis of mankind is the weak point of all religion.

Religion became less reliable because religious leaders had manipulated Religion to misuse their power. If we see for instance the many wars between Protestant bishops and Catholic bishops or in India between different Hindu sects or in Tibet between different Buddhist sects… If you look at the hundreds of different versions of the Bible and compare them with the original Jewish versions, then you know how the Christians are manipulating their scriptures. The worst example is when the Christians burned women as witches and killed millions of innocent women and this in the name of God or love… Who can believe then in God anymore?

It is also true that Christians had abused science as evil and suppressed it in the Middle Ages.

In the 20th century, science became arrogant and omnipotent. What Western science could not understand could not be true; this is similar to Religious thinking. Western medical science proved for instance that Chinese healing is not working. What was the reason? This was very simple jealousy. Beware of this thinking by our self.

I used to work as an engineer on a science project. I was very disappointed because I saw how superficial and imprecise my colleagues were. It was more critical for them to publish results than to have precise work. Also, I could see their results in connection with their sponsors. In other words, the sponsors were dictating the results of the science. And it only got worse. I wasn’t surprised when five years passed, and that science had failed.

If we are open to new things, even without proof, we have much more opportunities in life.

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