Science and God

I saw the video from Neil Tyson

And he is explaining in precise words:

The religions are correct:
For spiritual purposes.
For giving faith.
Forgoing beyond worldly matters.
For finding spiritual happiness.
To become humble in front of the creator.
To connect with the divine.
To become honest and humble.

And that proves even the greatest scientific geniuses.
Like Kopernikus, Einstein, Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton…

Religions have nothing to do with science!

We cannot let the Religions dictate what is scientifically true or wrong!
Even so, science is 97% wrong!
Only 3% remain true for longer than 5 years!

People give up their faith in God and prefer science to be true!

Life is not logical.
We live in chaos that has some order!
(Google: Images, Order in Chaos, Mandelbrot, fractal geometry).
There are indefinite more irrational numbers than rational numbers.

Why do even the greatest geniuses submit that there is a force, power that is beyond themselves?

It is absolute nonsense that science should prove God’s existence…

Science is looking for trueness and is mainly always wrong …

But through science, we discover and develop so much more opportunities, that science makes sense!

I have learned as an engineer to create a model from/for the reality that should be as simple as possible.

And that model is good enough if this model is true for only one aspect, even though there exist millions of aspects.

We have learned:

What we can watch, that we can control!

What we cannot watch in every aspect, we never can control…!

What can we watch in every aspect?

Nearly nothing, compare to the things that exist…

So, we never can prove that God is true!

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